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Monday, December 3, 2012

Topshop Personal Shopping X Jane Chuckei @ MidValley

Hello lovelies, it's been quite awhile I didn't post my dead blog. Well, thanks to my assignments which I had finally get over it and my finals is coming in 2 weeks! :O 
Bad thing is, it was pretty weird when I tried to upload my pictures and it mentioned about maximum storage and i was like, O.O what?! then I eventually call for help for some of my blogger friends and Isabella told me to upload them at Google+ and voila! Problem solved! :D I can happily, blog and upload my pictures to the max! :P Thank you Isabella! xx

So, I looked up at Jane's blog which I think everyone knows who is she, she's a fashion blogger who's pretty much famous and she was organizing an event collaboration with Topshop for Personal Shopping. Eventually, I rsvp-ed myself and I invited 2 of my cousins and my classmates, Net. Maybe you guys seen her on my photoshoot blog post with Cleo

I brought along my cousin and drove to MidValley which I was 10 mins late but, thankfully the event haven't start, so....I'm on time! :) Quite alot of girls came to the event which I think were her fans, well, she do gives lotsa stylish ootds even with a simple outfit. :)
There's some light refreshments for all guests which I took a red velvet cupcake with a Christmas stand on the topping. 

The event started with Denver, Malaysia's Personal Shopper for Topshop talked about some fashion tips and what are the latest trends for autumn and winter, along with Jane who's a special guests of the day. There's 3 outfits but I forgot to the take the second one... lol 
 #1 Khaki skirt with printed sweater
 #2 Leather jacket with studded clutch - My fav! 

Goes along and picked 3 girls to try it on the outfits and I was picked. lol yeah, my cousin kinda like pushed like go! go! LOL
Three of us changed the outfits that Jane gave and while waiting for someone to bring us out lol
Denver did some alterations for my outfit, by losing up the sweater and pull off with a crusted studded platform heels, omg I love it! 

Jane explained the outfits she picked, three of us has different style with I think mine was the simplest but that was Jane's most favorite outfit. Plus, Denver said my purple dipdye matched with the outfit! :D So do I look better with purple? :D

Jane's boyfriend was trying to take all of us a snap and while Denver was talking with the audience and well, there's something happen which I can't really explain ahaha. 
The event finally ended. So, I took a snap with Jane and apparently she's Mandy's cousin so, we kinda met before like looooong ago in high school haha. 

 Me & Net!
 Me & my cousins! 
 The girl I met at Topshop event, Jessica Phang! She's only 17! So young!
 I love the heels, it fits me perfectly and it adds the pop of silver and gold round studs! 
The sweater was really comfortable to wear and it looks pretty cool with little diamonds. Looks best with red velvet shorts! :)
 Yes, I look better with heels! Y I BORN TO BE SHORT? T-T
 Took a snap with Denver! :)

 I met Ashley, who's Jane sister and she's really tall! *Jane's bf photoboomed lol 

Check out Personal Shopping room! It's so exclusive like that room is made just for you! 

 Some stuff I gotten from the event. Love the claw ring btw. :)
 My OOTD! 
Jacket: My grandma's 
(can you believe it she had that cool studded jacket! She gave it me HEHE) 
Top: China
Skirt & Flats: Topshop
Bag: Some random blogshop
Belt: Mirrocale @ Fahrenheit
Accessories: All gotten from blogshop, H&M and Friendly Fashion

Show you in more detail.
Double Cross Ring from Friendly Fashion, Diamond and white chain bangle from H&M and black spike chain from Zalora. 
(omg, my fingers look like a old wrinkled witch lololololol) 
Dragon Claw from a random blogshop. 

That's all for today! Thanks to my cousin who snapped most of the pictures! :D
Any question or comments, do comment down below! 



  1. Love your outfit that Jane picked! :D The heels and velvet shorts are AWESOME~~ Oh, and you dyed your hair purple this time? It looks nice and subtle... I wanna try it too some time! XD

    1. Yes, I just dyed on friday :P Look more natural and some of my friends said I look more mature lolololol sure come and try XD

  2. Love your jumper with the velvet shorts! Looks great!



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