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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Copy-Kate Look

Kate Middleton has been all over the press recently. Once again, the Duchess of Cambridge’s style is being lusted after. She was snapped wearing pale court shoes in late September and the country went crazy for them.

In all honesty, it’s not wholly surprising that a) Kate looked great in court shoes and b) everyone thought she looked great in court shoes. This is because court shoes are incredibly flexible designs – understated but wholly stylish. They can be paired with LBDs or capris, while their neutral colour means it could be paired with just about any outfit. If you want to get your hands on a Copy-Kate version, take a look at the selection of court shoes at, and start stocking up on stylish items in time for the Christmas party season.

The Copy-Kate look seems to be a regular phenomenon; whenever Kate wears something, you can almost guarantee that it will sell out within days. The reason is probably because as, Anne Hathaway put it, the Duchess has made looking appropriate really fun again.
Her style is modest, classic and fairly easily to replicate for women of any age. She doesn’t show a lot of skin, preferring demure dress lengths because of her many official state visits. Sometimes this can be seen as plain but most women feel it’s a refreshing change from the vast majority of famous young women these days.

Indeed, most ladies wouldn’t be able to wear sparkly heels or leather dresses to work, as the likes of Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole do, yet some of Kate’s classy outfits would fit in perfectly in the workplace. In summary, she is fashionable without being too trendy or out-there.

Her recent choice of shoes is just the latest in an on-going sartorial saga that will surely continue for as long as Kate is in the limelight – for many years to come, then!

By, Catherine. M

Disclaimer: This article is requested by Catherine, hope you got inspired! 


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