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Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank you 2012 for being awesome!!

Hello lovelies! I have been a great year in 2012 and I'm thankful enough of what I have blessed with. Let's recap what I have been through the year 2012, I will recap the major events that affected my life. :) 

I have stopped blogging for the past 2 years and my blogging starts right back on track on May 2012 while waiting for my degree intake.

#1 I've attended my very first blogger's event, China Glaze/ Seche Blogger launch event ( click here if you want to view the blog post) 

#2 Being in Friendly Fashion's 20 bloggers circle
Thank you to all my friends and readers and also bloggers who voted me for this competition and I'm grateful enough. Click here to view the 20 bloggers in FF!

#3 Won tons of giveaways!
Seriously, I never been expecting myself to win this much and I always give it a shot and sometimes you never know what will happen right? I'm really really blessed enough that I won and thank you again. I can say that I'm just lucky enough? :) Well, I will show you the major ones that I won. 

Kiehl's Sweepstakes Giveaway Dress Giveaway & KYSpeaks Baskin Robbins 

Ellie Goulding Online Contest by NTV7
Cleo Cover Girl 2012, first few voters giveaway

#4 Featured twice in Cleo Magazine Malaysia!
I was totally surprised when I got a call from Cleo team about getting a photo shoot for the very first time. I was featured in Retail Therapy section. At the same time, I got invited for review about beauty products under Reader Road Test. Here's a full story about my photo shoot. Thank you Cleo Team! 

#5 2 mini featured at Seventeen Magazine Malaysia
One was featured under their first page about topic on their twitter page and another one was requested by Seventeen beauty editor for asking beauty questions.

#5 Attended my very first concert! 
Yes, I know this is kinda lame....but trust me, I have curfew even though I'm 20 T-T
Btw, I attended Pixie Lott showcase at KL Live (click here for more) 

#6 My craziest hairstyle in 2012! 
Yes, I know you guys know I have been going cr-azyy with my hair. That's right, dip-dye! 
I'm always  on the safe side and by not into doing chemical service for my hair since I studied in pre-u for the past 2 years but this year I decided to go wild. Haha, jk. :P

My very first dip-dye service which more like darker pink.
 2nd time after my hair color fades and I try something more bright neon pink.
Recently, I dip-dyed my hair into purple which is more natural and healthy looking for my hair. :D

My New Year Resolution for 2013:  
  1. Wishing to get MacBook Pro & DSLR / Semi-Pro camera
  2. More fresh ideas for tutorials and blogging
  3. Hopefully get a domain blog 
  4. More improvements on my 2nd year degree
  5. Earn more, spend less (impossibruuuu!)
  6. Sleep early!!!!!! 

That's all the best and greatest moments I had been through in 2012! Of course, now awaiting for the new year while doing this blog post. 
To all my readers, thank you for being very supportive and taking your time to read my blog and I'm ecstatic and touched when one of my reader said that she like my blog. I'm totally touched. THANK YOU!!

All I wanted to say is, 2013 PLEASE BE EXTRA AWESOME.

Source: Tumblr
Happy New Year, everyone! 


  1. Happy New Year, Angeline! :D Looks like you had a great 2012, here's to an awesome 2013! Looking forward to meeting you more often at events, hehe~
    Cheers!! :D

  2. Happy new year to you and your family



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