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Friday, December 21, 2012

Senka, Ma Chérie and Za S/S 2013 Exclusive Preview!

Hello lovelies! I was excited of this event because of the upcoming products will be launching next year which is 2013! So, I was among 10 bloggers to have this opportunity to attend this exclusive preview event courtesy by Shiseido Malaysia. Moreover, I was invited by Tammy who is from and I really want thank her for inviting me this exclusive event! :)

The event started 2.30pm at Shiseido Malaysia Headquarters and I was quite early at there together with Tammy and her friend. So, we entered the event early and let me tell you the place is full of pink!! Uber sweetness fills up the whole room. :D

I'm not responsible for this because I'm going to show you some yummy food! haha ;P   
While waiting for other bloggers to come, we were served with little delicacies. Cupcakes, croissants and chocolates! YUMMMMM.
Oh god, even the cutlery is soooo floral and pink! :D
*I think you can see me snapping on the reflection*

The most excited product I'm awaiting for is Ma Chérie hair products! 
 Well, I suppose you have heard about it from famous blogger, Qiu Qiu from Singapore. 

 Senka products. 
 New ZA products will be launching next year. Love the pink eye shadows! 

The event started with a beautiful emcee, Ms Jo. 
 She introduced the wide Perfect range of Senka products. 
Among Senka Products, what she focuses on is the Perfect Whip which is a foam cleanser and it is also Japan's NO.1 bestseller cleanser! 
Because it has a firm lather that leaves skin fresh and smooth after cleansing and it also gently cleanses away sebum entrenched deep inside the pores. It lather tons of foams by just applying only a little amount! 
 Foam foam foam~ :D  Let's try them on my skin.
 The foam is pretty light and soft and it gently cleanses away the dirty pores.
Senka's Sun Protection (Will be launching soon on 2013) 
UV Protection Gel - contains baby powder to keep skin fresh without any stickiness and also smoothens evenly on skin and also leaving no white residue. Available for SPF 50 PA++ & SPF 27 PA++.  
Another product was Senka Hoshitsu Line - Moisturizing Cream 
 There's two which is Hoshitsu Line (pink bottle) and Whitening Line (blue bottle) 
From left; Senka Hoshitsu Emulsion, Senka Hoshitsu Lotion for Fresh (Normal to Oily Skin) &  Senka Hoshitsu Lotion for Moist (Normal to Dry Skin) 

Now to makeup products; ZA S/S 2013 makeup collection! 
Za Killer Volume Mascara - the name itself sounds like the mission impossible loll
The mascara applicator has a ultra volume brush at the base and thin at the tip. Best part of all, it gives a 170% mascara that can lasts you all day long! 
Let's try on my lashes! 
As you can see, once I apply the mascara on my lashes, it creates clump-free after applying several coats on my lashes. Plus, give a volume enhancing effect on my lashes too! 

Next, Za Perfect Fit Concealer
Gives natural coverage on dark circles or any imperfections on your face. It gives long lasting finish, non-cakey and non-drying too! Plus, it does not clog your pores. 
There's 3 shades available which is 01 (Fairest,), 02 (Medium) and 03 (Dark) 
Mine was 02 Medium which is shown on the picture above. :)
Lastly, their Perfect Fit 2 way Foundation - gives baby-like, pore-less and natural finish and 8 hours of long-lasting finish and it's SPF 20PA++ 
I applied ZA concealer and foundation on my face :D Flawless look.

Finally, everyone are excited for; Ma Chérie Hair Care Regime! 
FYI, Ma Chérie will be launching very soon in early of 2013! The meaning of Ma Chérie which is a French word means, "My Sweetheart In Me". I think girls who likes pink and likes princess-cy feel would like this hair products. I love it! 
Ma Chérie contains Champagne Honey Glee which nourishes and repair your hair and Romantic Sweet Scents - which is floral and fruity fragrance and a hint of musk bouquet.

Ma Chérie has 2 types of range for shampoo and conditioner; one which is Air Feel and one which is Moisture. Of course, I prefer Air Feel which gives more volume for my hair. :)
*Took this picture from instagram
I tried Perfect Shower Wave which is suitable for curly hair like me! Oh my god, it smells like sweet fruity champagne! Like you're applying real champagne on your hair! No joke! 
The Perfect Shower Wave helps my hair to rejuvenate curls instantly and it is suitable after washing your hair. :)  
Ma Chérie Hair Care range
From left; Air Feel Shampoo, Air Feel Conditioner, Aqua Dew Energy Ex and Hair Oil
Perfect Shower have 3 types
(From left) 

  1. Perfect Shower Smooth - for straight hair (sorry, I forgot to take that ><) 
  2. Perfect Shower Moist - gives extra moisture and keeps supple all day long
  3. Perfect Shower Wave - for curly hair 

Being vain and took some pictures of myself. lol 

Other bloggers having fun taking the Ma Chérie board. :D

Taken a snap with other bloggers before heading home. *some bloggers went back home tho* >< 

Time for OOTD! 
Top: Friendly Fashion
Bottom: Fahrenheit (I forgot the shop) 
Shoes: High tops from Converse 
Gold studded bracelet from Belated Duo & Spike Skull bracelet from Heart Attack 
Armour Ring from Friendly Fashion.

I will be reviewing some range of products that given by Shiseido very soon! Thank you Shiseido Malaysia for giving me some products to let me try on! :D 



  1. Aaaaahhh so excited about the Ma Cherie products!! :D Your blouse is super cute btw!



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