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Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Blind Date: The Lilac Box

Hello lovelies! Now I'm officially free which means for blogging and updates are coming soon! Yay! :D Oh by the way, I got a secret....
I got a blind date very soon on Valentine's day, I'm so excited because he's smart, purple and premium! 
Well, I'm not talking about men. I'm talking about the upcoming beauty box from The Lilac Box! 
Ah-ha, got cha! hahahaha Just Kidding. :P

Well girls, I have been doing couple of reviews of some beauty boxes brands in Malaysia and now why not give it a try on The Lilac Box? Who loves surprises? Well, I do! *waves* 

 Let me give an introduction about The Lilac Box. As most of us know, most beauty box is a monthly subscription service which provides 4-5 beauty and cosmetic deluxe-size samples BUT THE LILAC BOX PROVIDES ARE PREMIUM SAMPLES! Which means they will send you high-end beauty and cosmetic brands! Awesome right? 
So, you wouldn't waste the product that you don't like and also, exclusively test new and interesting brands in the comfort of your own home, without the hassle of a salesperson breathing down your neck. LOL

Here's are the brands are collaborating with The Lilac Box (more to come!) 
Currently, The Lilac Box is the ONE and ONLY beauty box that you could enjoy premium brands! Yes, most of the brands you couldn't find in drugstores! 

Wait, there's another surprise for you! 
Wanna get some freebies from Chloe Perfume, or Euphoria by Calvin Klein or Burberry Beauty
Here's how: Click this link to register and they will sent you a voucher to get your freebie!  Easy right?

Pamper yourself with The Lilac Box, every women worth pampering! :) 

Price: RM35 (Now you can enjoy beauty products like a tai-tai LOL) 
Launching on February 2013 - Valentine's day! Yes, can go out use this products for my date! lol 

For more information, so check out this website:


  1. hello miss Angeline, apa khabar, jika mahu hadiah special sila lawati :

    Jom join lucky draw , ada RM120 cash, photobook rm200++ dll.

    Pasti anda suka dgn cabutan bertuah ini.

    TQ. bye....

  2. Replies
    1. Hmmm. Not quite sure hahaha. They should have made a men edition esp for single males. LOL XD

  3. Whoaaaaa, there are more and more different brands of beauty box available in the market now :s

    1. Well, It is good because we can explore more beauty goodies but money can fly away from our pocket~ hahahaha :P

  4. So many beauty boxes popping up now.. This one is quite affordable

    1. Yeah, this one not bad, most of them are premium brands. Hope they won't let me down :) haha

  5. Many beauty boxes are popping out! Lol. Tai tai becomes pokai la lool



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