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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY 5 min Beanie!

Hello lovelies! I have been crazy about doing DIYs and thanks to Youtube vloggers who inspired me tons of DIY tutorials which is simple and quick. Lately, I have been watching them but never got a chance to get my hands on because of my hectic studies! On Monday which is right after my finals, I tried this DIY which is inspired by AnderasChoice who's a vlogger on Youtube. Well, there's tons of tutorials about this DIY and what I like about her is her tutorials are easy, quick and she's funny too! :D 
Previously, I have been asking among you on Facebook if I should make a DIY beanie, and most of you said, YES! 

So, let's get started! :D
This is how the finishing DIY beanie looks like.

I got my old sweater from my closet which I brought like 8 years ago lol and yes, I found a picture of me wearing it. Duckface alert! I know you want to see who do I look like, well is in my older post, don't search! oh god, why do I look so ridiculous. lol


What you need: 

  1. Old sweater/ cardigan/ skirt - that you can't fit it anymore 
  2. Scissors 
  3. Sharpie - any pen or markers will do
  4. Baby Pins? - I googled it and found out is a baby pin. o.o (Okay, need tons of them and I got it for less than RM1) 
  5. Another alternative - Fabric Glue or Sewing kit 
Okay, you must be wondering why am I using those pins?
I'm a lazy kind of person, who like to find a easy way out and I can't find any sewing kit in my house....or I'm just lazy to find. LOL

Another suggestion for choosing the right old clothing for your beanie is; it is better to get a sweater that has a thick 'band' on the bottom of your sweater and also it is better to get a stretchy band that fits your head. Well actually, you can get any clothing as long as it fits the requirement of a beanie. :D

#1 Cut the across the armpit of the sleeve
This is how it looks like after I cut them.

#2 Cut one side of the clothing
This is how it looks like when you fold it out. 

#3 Measure your beanie around the head 
Just wrap it around your head and see how long does it need to fit your head. 
When you got your measurement right, just cut off the access. (Well, my fits perfectly, so I didn't cut any leftovers.) 

#4 Fold your beanie into 3 sections and cut your beanie into semi-round shape 
Okay, so you're done by folding them into 3 sections and draw your beanie on top of a semi-circle or you can just cut it straight away if you're good at this, is up to you. 
This is how it looks like; kinda weird dome shape beanie I got here. lol 

#5 Fold the beanie into half and pin/sow/ glue it 
We are almost done! Just by folding it into half and just pin it up! I choose to pin them. 
This is how it looks like and there's 3 clovers(?) on the top where we need to bond it together.

#6 Bond it together! 
Use the 3 curves on top of the beanie and what I did was I match them together and pin it up in the middle, so I won't get confused. Later, pin it the rest of the curves around the semi-circle. 
This is how it looks like after I pin them up.
I pin them as many as I can, so that it wouldn't have 'holes' on top of the beanie.
Finally, just flip it inside out and you're done! 
This is how it looks like on top of the beanie! 

Wear them up! 
Side of the beanie! 
Ps: I fold it into a band, to look more like a beanie! :)

Yay! Happy with my new DIY beanie! 

No makeup face. Yeah, took them in the middle of the night...sooooo yeah. LOL
That's all for my DIY! Hope you like it! 



  1. wow!!!thx 4d fast n furious idea...a blink now i know d....happy Christmas sweetie ^^send my regards to ur mom too...=))

    1. You're welcome! :D Merry Christmas to you too! :D

  2. Wow! This is so cool! You are so creative! Love the idea!

    1. Thank you, Sabrina! :D I got inspiration from Youtube tho! :B

  3. Wow, that's a really great DIY idea! I've been loving beanies lately too, but I don't have sweaters like those to DIY. >__<

    1. Yeah, we don't have winter here. So, we rarely buy sweaters but the old mustard sweater was my mum's tho :P haha

  4. Amazing DIY! Can't wait to try it! <3



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