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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Celebration with my best friends!

Hello lovelies! How's your day during Christmas? Hope you guys having fun today! :)
Well, this blog post would be a lil odd because I will be posting my OOTD pictures first before I start my blog post for today :D

Time for OOTD! 
Credits to Cashkoo.
 Dress: Mirrocale @ Fahrenheit 88
Studded leather jacket: Somewear Over Rainbow 
Celine Inspired bag: Some random blogshop
Shoe: Converse 
Necklace & rings: Zalora & Friendly Fashion
Finally got my dream jacket and I totally love the leather jacket :D and it would be great if I have a Dr Martens boots or any nice boots to match with but sadly I don't T-T (Now boots is on my wishlist, lol) 

Anyways, I had a nice Christmas gathering with my high school friends and well, this is a pre-Christmas celebration since most of us are free during that day and we decided to have lunch at KiKi Taiwan Cuisine by Fong Lye restaurant @ KLCC. Fully recommended by my friends and most of the dishes are ordered by my two best friends, Erin and Cashkoo :) 
 Seriously, idk what are the names for those dishes and they comes with a set :)

 Chicken bittergourd soup, love it! :)

 Mandy with her happy meal :D
 Cashkoo with peace yo sign! :)
 Erin said Papaya milk drink is awesome and yes, I totally agreed with her! :D
 Michelle is ready to dig in! :P
Finally, yours truly! :) 
Btw, their Oolong passion fruit tea taste good too! :D

Every year on Christmas, we exchanged some little Christmas gifts and this is what I got this year, since most of us are 'broke' financially. :P   
Michelle got me a Teddy bear Snow Glitter globe; Mandy got a NYX roll on shimmer and Cashkoo got me a little red teddy bear :D Erin forgotten her gift and it's okay :)
Thanks girls! :D

Should I say I have a great time but bad moments too? 
Because while we were wondering some stuff on Topshop and I was planning to buy some nail polish and guess what? I broke a nail polish. >< WTF DIE HAVE TO PAY LIKE RM32 T-T 
Finally, I brought 3 nail polishes and also a broken one that total cost me RM90 plus. T-T 
Okay, forget about it and when I thought about it, I will cry LOL
Anyways, I brought their latest collection which is the dark red colour which called Thorn 201 and the bronze colour; Hyperreal 101 - that was in promo price lol 
Well, I love the colours especially for Christmas day! :D

Well, we did most of the time window shopping and we were like OH! SALES! and went in  and got nothing lolllll. But, we got ice-cream of the day at New Zealand Natural for only RM3.90 :D We got chocolate flavour :3 yummm.

 Under the Christmas tree @ Pavilion! :) 

 Well, Mandy went and look for his bf while we are walking around the mall :)
Finally, took a picture of us in a Polaroid film before we left. :)

I hope I'm not too late to wish you,

Cheerios! :D


  1. Lovely and simple celebration. The food looks very good and Merry Christmas to you! =)

    1. Merry Xmas to you too eventho is over :P

  2. Merry Christmas to you Angeline! =) LOVE YOUR STUDS JACKET. ^^

    1. I love it too! :D Merry Xmas to you too eventho is over :P

  3. Replies
    1. It is indeed! It taste very good too! ;D



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