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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Review: L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum

Hey lovelies! Finally I have my spare time to blog and I have finally finished my assignment T-T *so happy* but....I have another one to submit next week T-T noooooooo. whatever, meh.

So, I got this  L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum which everyone has been giving great positive feedback which really works for lashes. I got this beauty product sponsored from OnlyBeauty

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Let's move on to my review! 

Y U NO LONG LASHES? *talking to my eyes* lololol 
I've always wanted to have long lashes like all my Indian friend has even without coating with mascara! Plus, I need to add some fake lashes and it is so troublesome! 
Even males have more longer lashes than me, WHYYYYYYY! T-T can you please donate to me? 

I guess this is really asian first world problems, I bet you agree with me! 

NO WORRIES, Lash Serum to the rescue! *superman theme song*

During 2010, it was a popular product which everyone was raving about it and I read couple of reviews which mentioned that the product was pretty works for thin and short lashes. So now, it mua's turn to experienced myself this amazing product! ;D
The product packaging looks like a mascara but with liquid gel clear texture and with a just a soft wand-look-alike for applying your lashes. The tip of the applicator look like a mascara without the brushes with a soft tip. 

There's a instructions need to apply my lashes:

  1. Apply to the fringe with the tip of the spoon curved brush.
  2. Apply to the length with hallow side to catch all lashes. 
The steps that I applied to my lashes wasn't hard, as long as you know how to apply your mascara, this would a piece of cake for you. But, if any of you who don't really know how to use a mascara, just try to apply them slowly and practice makes perfect! :D

I applied them 2 twice a day which is once for day and once for night. 
As for day, it helps to protect your lashes from any external aggression and also makes your lashes looks attractive. 

As for the night, it helps to increase the effectiveness of the serum, which means the serum will do their job while you're sleeping! Plus, it doesn't smell! But, it does have a nice slight delicate scent which I think it was okay.  

Here's are my results, I took 3 days to see the difference! 

Closed eyes. 

Opened eyes - like a monster, lol 

Side of my eyes 

The first night itself I applied this applicator, and when I woke up the next day, I could see my lashes are starting to get longer and thicker which I was so excited about it. :D
The third day I applied it was more longer and thicker than I never expected. yay! 
When I applied my mascara, it is pretty obvious my lashes are longer than before which is good! ;D 

My rating for this product: 7/10

Even though my lashes didn't show much difference but I recommended to ladies out there who have short lashes, you should give it a try. :D no harm to get long lashes right? ;) 

Do comment below if you have / not used this product! 

Disclaimer: This product is sponsored by Only Beauty for product review and everything was given on honest feedback. 


  1. i haven't used any products like this before but i'm always on the look out for one! :) great job showing how it works for you.



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