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Friday, November 16, 2012

I got K.I.S.S.ed By Kinerase ♥ @ La Bodega, Bangsar

Hello lovelies! I'm terribly sorry if I didn't updated my blog for almost a week as I'm quite busy with assignments for my 2nd semester. Anyways back to the topic, I got an invitation for Tammy Lim from who's super bubbly beauty blogger I met previously at Rip Curl Pro Press Conference. Thankiuuuuuuu Tammy! :D 

The event was basically was a skincare product named Kinerase which focuses more on anti-ageing which it is also good for mid-age women and also for girls who is on going process to the adult age like me! :) Their color theme of the event is blue. So, everyone wore their favorite blue outfit because there's a little best dressed contest during the event. 

The event was held in La Bodega at Bangsar and I went with my partner in crime like usual, Carolyn Tay who also got invited to the event. :) 
The event was packed with bloggers and each of us got a 'blue kiss' tattoo! As well as, getting blue makeup from blue eye shadow and blue lips by makeup artist! 
While Carolyn is getting her blue lips. *pout pose* 
Now it's my turn to get my blue lips! 

Well, there's a reason for getting blue lips; we are given a card to mark our kisses on the card and make some creative wishes for your skin and also taken our best shot on polaroid picture too! Another contest for most creative wishes and also the most creative shot on polaroid! 

Goodie bags for everyone! :D

Even Dr. Koh got his 'blue kiss' tattoo! :) 

Blue lips jelly cupcakes for everyone! 
And also blue mocktails for everyone! 

Since the blue lips jelly cupcake is so cute, I strike a pose with my big blue lips! :P 
After I took this picture, the event photographer randomly took a picture of me with that cupcake which looks like this. 
I can fully imagine myself with the cartoon blue lips! 

So, what's the secret of young looking skin?
KINERASE® Yes, I just said it. It has been clinically and done by a research which was discovered in 1955, the formulation born of the brand, Kinerase. It was scientifically proven that Kinerase can gives you the skin that you're looking for. 

Facts about Kinerase® 

  1. Their secret formula? Kinetin (N6-furfuryladenine)  ; perfectly for anti-aging skin care which is a essential bio growth factor found naturally in human cell extracts and DNA1 to prevent the cellular changes associated with aging and also delays and reverse the signs of aging. 
  2. Kinerase significantly improved the appearance of skin texture, mottled hyper pigmentation and fine wrinkles. 
  3. Does not cause the cutaneous side effects that result from other commonly used anti-aging products.
  4. Kinetin was well tolerated by patients and effectively improved the signs of aging.

During the event, I met a friendly blogger, Norah from (she's one busy women running to tons of reviews and events!) I'm so jelly >,< 

Before the event starts, we both girls do the usual thing, selca with our blue lips! 

The event started with 3 main panelists;  
Amy Zheng (Regional Marketing Director of Invida) ,Dr Koh and Tammy Lim

Kinerase® is the only professional skincare line with optimal levels of Kinetin, which delays and prevents the signs of aging and it is designed specifically for Asian skincare needs based on advanced formulation expertise from Japan. The Kinerase enhanced formulation has a fine and elegant texture that is gentle on delicate skin.

The K.I.S.S. Trial was conducted across three countries (Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan) and included 275 Asian patients who applied Kinerase® Cream twice daily for 12 weeks. In Malaysia, 139 patients completed the study.
Physicians conducted evaluations of patients for skin improvements and skin irritations at weeks 0 (baseline), 4, 8 and 12. These patients also performed self-evaluations during the trial period.

The majority of patients were female with approximately half between the ages of 35 to 45 years old. Most patients reported having combination skin at baseline. 

In Malaysia, the results from the patients were effective with the following skin improvement:
                     I.        97% of patients reported a reduction in the severity of photo-damaged skin
                    II.        96% of patients reported a reduction in skin roughness
                  III.        97% of patients had a reduction in mottling/ blotchiness/ pigmentation
                  IV.        89% of patients witnessed a reduction in fine wrinkles

This is a marked improvement on earlier Kinetin studies conducted in America, where dermatologists reported an improvement of fine wrinkles on Caucasian skin by 13%, demonstrating the increased efficacy of Kinetin for Asians. 

Tammy Lim, who is a K.I.S.S trial participant said that she could see the results in just 8 weeks! She said her skin was fairer and less wrinkles and she was very satisfied with Kinerase! Even her mum was amazed and wanted to try Kinerase too! 

The Dermalogist, Dr Koh mentioned that most of his patients who tried K.I.S.S trial are trilled with their results with Kinerase! Which minimize fine wrinkles and pigmentation and also a smooth radiant skin!  

Ms Amy Zheng (Regional Marketing Director of Invida, Asia Pacific) mentioned that
there are numerous international clinical papers on Kinetin, there were no comprehensive study measuring how well Kinetin works on Asian skin.The K.I.S.S trial was an opportunity for us to test the effectiveness of Kinerase Cream which contains 0.1% Kinetin on real patients who are looking for ways to delay and manage the effects of aging on their skin, under strict supervision.

So, you must be wondering who is suitable for this type of skin care product? 
  • Suitable for any skin types 
  • Specifically for sensitive skin 
  • Age starting from 20 years old (Yay I can use it now!) 
  • 4 weeks improvement 
  • Available at dermatologist and aesthetic clinics (click here to see the following clinics

Lunch buffet for everyone! 
Bon appetit! (I'm so hungry right nowwwww) 

Time for announcing the winners for Best Pose, Best Quote, Best Dressed! 
*Drum rolls* 
Here are the winners! Congratulations to all the winners! 
Best Pose, Fatin from 
Best Quote, Rane from  
She's a beautiful and friendly young mother! She won by this quote;
"I want to experience Kinerase® with Tammy because I want glowing and smooth skin like Tammy! Hopefully then my hubby will kiss me more than my daughter everyday lol :)"
copied from here
Best dressed; Caroline from
Thank you to all Invida staff for this amazing event!

Took some picture with some bloggers! 
The most eye-catching among all bloggers!
 Arisa Chow & Jaslyn Choo (Alice in the Wonderland)
The main people for this event! 
Thank you for inviting me! :D You're so gorgeous with your blue maxi dress! 
Took some pictures with the 3 main panelist!

Me & Carolyn; as usual being vain on selca! 

Goodies from Kinerase! 

Time for my OOTD! 

Dress and heels: My cousin's (some random blogshop)
Necklace: Zalora
Clutch: Mirrorcle @ Fahrenheit 88
Bangles: Forever 21 & Miu Miu

Rushing my assignment! Deadline! >< Okay! Cheerios! 

Disclaimer: Most of photos are taken from Invida


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  2. Such a nice event~ wish i could join xD

    1. Yeah it's really fun and girl event! :D maybe next time you could :D

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