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Friday, October 26, 2012

Unboxing first Wonderbox Malaysia!

Hello lovelies!! Few days ago, I instagram-ed that Wonderbox just arrived into my house! I know you guys are curious what's inside this box! Excited to see what's inside this box? 

Hold your horses, lololololol. 

Let me briefly tell you about Wonderbox

Basically, Wonderbox is a monthly subscription service where beauty box will be filled with 5 samples of premium cosmetics and beauty products every month in front of your doorstep! Means you can get to try them before you purchase the actual product! Every month, they will have different samples which every girl would be excited for, it feels like a Christmas present; you wouldn't know what is inside and it might surprise you! 

Of course, they will help to get beauty products which is best for you, if you have taken the survey test for your needs! 

It has been a trend in USA, UK and Australia and other parts of the country for the pass few years. The well-known monthly subscription service which is Birchbox, Glossybox, Ipsy bag (or known as Glam bag from Michelle Phan, and many other services which is countless! I can tell you, whoever invented this subscription service is genius! :D

I'm always get jealous because they have this kind of service that Malaysia doesn't have, but...Now it's available in Malaysia! Yay! 

Behold, my very first monthly subscription beauty box
I'm very impressed with the box that came to my house which is wrapped really tight and nice with bubble wraps and when I opened them, it still in a great condition and the card box was really stiff and I never expected to be that good! 
Unboxing! I like their classy black and white box! 

First of all beauty box must have is, a introduction card whereby they will explain what products are available inside the box.

 The products for this month's beauty box! 
20% voucher from The Body Shop & Clinelle pamplet. 

Unveil the products! *drum rolls*
 Ta-daa! *throws confetti*
So many actual size products! :D 

#1 Clinelle's SnoWhite Mask - 50ml (Full size product) 
Strengthens the skin's barriers, restores and maintains optimal hydration while brightening dull and lackluster complexions.

#2 Clinelle's Blemish Clear - 15ml (Full size product) 
Speeds up skin healing and tightens enlarged pores. It helps skin pain, inflammation and clears acne in just 1-2 days
Might give it try, and sometimes I'm not really confident of this products. So, will give it a shot once my soap finishes! Excited for the blemish clear when I have acnes! :D

#3 Elianto's Princezna Mascara - 7g (Full size product) 
Gives sparse, fine lashes volume and length thanks to its unique Twist Brush for maximum coverage on each and every lash. Plus, it's enriched with Vitamin Eand protein rich keratin for healthier lashes.  
 Never seen this mascara before! Something that I would try because of it's twist brush! 

#4 Sothys HOMME's Tri-Active Cleanser - 15ml (Trial size product) RM69
Has a fresh and light texture to soften and soothe sensitive skin. It also regenerates and repairs damaged skin. 
I know this brand! I read a lot of positive reviews and I'm looking forward to try on! Plus, men can use this cleanser too! :) 
Plus, they included a surprise which is complimentary goodies for RM169!! yay!! 
I think this is more than the price we pay! *don't you dare you scan!* 

#5 The Body Shop's Strawberry Bath Shower Gel - 60ml (Travel size product)
Is a refreshing cleansing gel that lathers up in the bath or shower to leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and subtly scented. 
I love this!! I always want a strawberry soap! It smells like candy and I wanna eat them which I can't. LOL 

Totally love most of the products that is on the box which 3 full size product and 2 travel/ trial size products but what I was looking forward is more cosmetics which would WOW me and I love cosmetics that skincare products to be honest. And also, it would be better Wonderbox would included the prices for every products, so we could calculate the total amount of all products. But I could see there's a RM169 goodies, so it's more than the price of subscription.  But still, I'm looking forward the next beauty box, more cosmetics plssss :D 

They had collaborated with famous cosmetics brand which is Inglot, O.P.I, Sampar, Office Makeup U.S.A and many more!! 

For those of you girls wondering how much is the monthly subscription, it is only RM39.90! Delivery included, affordable right? 

So that's all for my review! Thank you Wonderbox for sending this awesome thing! 

Check out their website and their Facebook for more updates! 



  1. I think we have better stuff then what birchbox offers or glam bag. I've seen the reviews on youtube and alot of ppl aren't happy..Besides the bad customer service,gettin a bag of detergent is a failure...I would like something like 2 see something like Pop Sugar in Malaysia...

    1. What you said was very true, and most subscription companies wasn't consistent enough to made good services and most girls wasn't satisfied because majority of them prefers cosmetics rather than skin care which I have watched one of the vloggers mentioned about the glam bag. I didn't know they give detergent which was epic failure. LOL

  2. Hi girls, is it worth it to get wonderbox? thanks xoxo

    1. Hi Leann,for me it's kinda worth it because it's not that expensive because you're getting most of the products are full size. :) Plus, I think next month's would be more exciting because I see O.P.I :D

  3. Nice post dear :)

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  4. I love this box! it's treasure!!!

    Welcome to my blog:)

  5. I subscribe today. after read ur post. :)

    Check my blog. :)

  6. i subscribe just now, after read ur post.

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