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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Launch of Benefit's First Free-standing Boutique in Malaysia! @ 1 Utama

Hello ladies!! I know you're anticipating for this post and this will be huge load some of pictures for you girls! Yes, this is the best launch event I have attended so far! As Benefit promised, glitz and glam with cosmetics and fun activities that we did during the launch! 
I went around 8pm and the event was filled with medias, VIPs, celebrities and bloggers (did you went there too?) surrounding and trying on Benefit cosmetics and I brought along my mum and Carolyn Tay when I told her I'm bringing her along, she was super ecstatic as I am and was like yayyyyyyyy!!  
 First of all, Congratulations to Benefit cosmetics for opening their first ever standalone boutique in Malaysia!! Finally, a place of heaven for girls to transform from girl next door to hot bombshell! The boutique was fully pink and with cute cosmetics! *my favourite!!* I was super hardcore fan of Benefit and I did purchased some cosmetics in their store in Parkson and it was really good cosmetic as expected! 

 First snapshot for us, thanks to Benefit Cosmetics photographer while were at the reception.
Some props for taking snaps with celebrities and friends! 

 Photo booth shot for everyone! A girl taking with a hot model! :D

 There's any familiar celebrities you saw on this picture? 

 Yes, the guest of the night; she's a model and a mom, Amber Chia! 
She is really photogenic and friendly with down-to-earth personality!  

She's so friendly that we chatted for awhile when the event was over and offered a picture with us! In the selca way! :D (from left; mom, carol and me!) 
She even complimented that my mum is very young!! :D 

Back to the event, the event started with the host and as well as Spygal from Porefessional and the hot girl from They're real mascara! 
 Celebrities attended the event! 

 I took a picture with Scha Alyahya! She's really pretty! 
*sorry, I'm so short that she have to bend down fml* 

 Awal Ashaari, Malay celeb! He's so handsome! His smile is stunning! :D

Megan Tan from 8tv quickie! She's super slim! 

Hot models awaiting to take a snap with you! *drools*

 Shot with the models! 
Took a shot with this hot model I met! He's so cuteeeeeeee! *screams* 

Every girl's heaven, Benefit cosmetics!! Spot any of your favorite cosmetic? :D

 Good manual cosmetic for all virgin Benefit! 

There's Brow bar for all girls who needs their brow to be fixed! They did the best brows that you ever seen! They also give a birthday gift for all girls, complimentary brow service on your birthday month! 
 Benefit girls was busy transforming the ladies! 
 Benefit cupcake provided! It's so pretty that I can't resist to eat them! 
 Some tidbits for all guests during the launch! Plus, free The Last Polka ice-cream for all guests too! EAT ALL ICE-CREAMS! NOM NOM NOM. It's Mango flavor and it's so yummehhh. 
 Champagne for everyone! Epic fall innocent pose wtf 
 Benefit manager looking at me hahaha :P
 My mummy! 
 While friendly Benefit girl introduce me tips and tricks of using the cosmetics! 

 Snaps from Photo Booth! 
 Goodies that I gotten from the launch! 
I love Benefit hair pins! So girly! 
 They also given out all girls a RM50 x2 voucher for us to splurge our favorite Benefit cosmetics! YAY! 

I have splurged some awesome stuff from my wishlist! 

  • How To Look The Best At Everything makeup kit; RM115 
  • Brow zings; RM115
  • Finding Mr. Bright; RM125 

 Some packages provided for all girls and they also provide for little makeup party! 
Some touch ups that the Benefit girl did for me especially my brows! I love it to the max! That's why I purchased the brow kit! 

My OOTD of the day! 
Dress: Zalora (thanks for the dress!)
Spike Chain necklace: Zalora 
Bracelet: Juicy Couture
Flats: Topshop
Vintage bag: RipCurl

Thank you Benefit for inviting me this exclusive launch which was the best launch that I have total lotsa fun with everyone, including the celebs! 

"Laughter is the best grin and wear it!" 

Take a visit to Benefit boutique at Level 1, High Street @ One Utama! 


  1. Wah, looks like a really fun event!! :O The models are super hot *the guys i mean, ahem* XD

  2. No wonder I didn't see the usual bloggers. They're all at another product launch

  3. Many thanks for your message on my blog, I am following you now via bloglovin.
    I look forward to reading your future posts :)



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