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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shizens Hydro Series Launch @ Mid Valley

Hello lovelies! Shizens held an event for their Hyro series launch and I got invited for attending this event and so, I did attend the event but I was utterly late because of some personal issues =.= wasn't an issue just minor thing that making me end up late for half an hour. The event was kinda 'almost ended' so.... LOL 
Any bloggers saw me during the event, I'm so sorry that I was so buay paiseh for coming in late and maybe next time I will approach you for future beauty events! :D

Anyways, move on to the event! :)

The emcee of the night, Elaine Daly gave a short interview with Jojo Goh who's a previous Miss Astro Chinese International 2006 2nd Runner Up and also currently in the movie industry! Go check out her facebook for more! 

Special guest of the night; Amber Chia, Jojo Goh, & Daphne Iking 

 The event was filled with media, bloggers, and celebrities!

So, for the main purpose for the event; they launched a Brand New Anti Aging Hydro Series! Which was Shizens first skin care series for decelebrate anti aging!  The theme of the launch is white with a little hint of gold! :) 
Shizens Hyrdo Series combined the functions for skin hydration and anti-aging which consist of 5 products- Hydro Cleanser, Hydro Enhancing Lotion, Hydrant Day Emulsion, Hydrant Night Emulsion, and Hydro Liposome Essential. 

Every of Hydro series are formulated with using different botanical extracts for making your skin looking younger and radient. Maybe I should start my prevention skin care now before it's too late! :P
Shizens makeup and skin care products display.

Shizens best selling product is Eye Charm, Lip Painter, Liposome Fair Refining Essence! 

The products of Hydro Series! From left; Hydro Cleanser, Hydro Enhancing Lotion, Hydro Liposome Essential, Hydrant Day and Night Emulsion. 

Of course, some goodies I gotten from the launch. (YAY) 
There's three products was given which is Lip Painter, Eye Charm (really interesting product) and Hydro Liposome Essential from Hydro series! Do you want me to review them? if yes, do leave a comment :D hehe

Best of all, Thank you for the full bling golden apple pendrive! It feels like I'm holding a 100k GOLD. LOL 

Thank you Shizens for inviting me for this amazing launch event! :D 

For more information; 
Do visit to Shizens Malaysia and Shizens website

Disclaimer: Most of the photos that I posted was taken from Shizens Malaysia


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  8. I've been using the star product of Shizens: Liposome Fair Refining Essence. It is awesome!!



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