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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: Unveil Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar!

Hello!! Finally, I have done with my 28 days review about this cleansing bar! :D So, have you heard about this brand? :) No? Okay, I'll brief a little info about this brand. 
Gamila Secret just hit to Malaysia market few months ago and basically this product is originated from Israeli that contains 100% natural ingredients and all of these products are handmade that contains more than 80% of virgin oil which is equal to 220 of Syrian pressed olives and it has NO preservatives or any chemical and it is made out of 100% plant based ingredients. It has been a bestseller product in Taiwan and Japan and also been recommending by famous celebrities like Rihanna, Madonna, Justin Timberlake! That's why Madonna have soft and radiant skin even though she's in her fifties!

The founder of this cleansing bar is a Israeli Druze lady and her name is Gamila Hiar, who used her wisdom and her knowledge to create a secret recipe formula that is made of 15 kinds of healing herbs with a combination of pure plant oils, including the first press olive oil plus some handpicked secret herbs by the founder herself. 

Story of Gamila Secret  (from Gamila Secret Malaysia) 

Gamila Hiar was born on August 20, 1940, in a village called Peki’in in the Galilee. Her devotion to make nourishing skin care products started at the age of 20, when she sacrificed a few hours of sle

ep each night to make soap after her daily chores. She was inspired by her father, an expert on plants and an authority on medical herbs. Within a few years, Gamila Hiar discovered her talent to mix the right herbs and cook them in a specific order to create a substance with a nourishing effect. After more than 40 years, Gamila Hiar developed a secret recipe formula based on her wisdom of nature: Gamila Secret.

Gamila's interview while she is in UK. 

This usage for this cleansing bar or known as Cream bar because of it's creamy texture, it can be used any parts of your body and so, I was given a great chance to try Gamila Cleansing Bar Original (RM66 for 30 grams) for 28 days and therefore, I choose to try on my face to see there's any difference for obtaining baby soft skin (Gamila's aim). 

I was super excited to try it on and so, I cleanse my face with Gamila cleansing bar twice a day which is day and night and I also put moisturizer after washing my face. The first few days was okay, until the first end of the week, there's breakouts on my face! o.o OH NO!! 
Breakouts on my forehead, nose, and also nearby my eyebrows. FYI, I have combination of oily and dry skin. (T-zone oily and others are dry skin, a bit of flaky sometimes, EWW) 

Until one day I was discussing with my friend, Carolyn Tay that she had the same problem as me after using this cream bar and she mentioned that maybe we could try to use ONLY THE CLEANSING BAR AND NOTHING ELSE. No moisturizer, no toner or whatsoever. Because the soap itself gives moisture to our skin. (due to the bar that contains olive oil) 

Eventually, I continued using the cleansing bar without any moisturizer or toner. After a week, my acne and breakouts had fade off as I didn't notice them until I was looking at the mirror. Perhaps, my skin is transforming from old dull skin to soft and smooth radiant skin! :)

My after 28 days, Gamila Cleansing Bar.

 This is my current skin after using Gamila Cleansing Bar! :) 
My skin was better and had improved a lot after the breakouts and my dry skin areas on my face wasn't that dry as before anymore! yay! Say bye bye to dry skin! 

Even though it is kinda pricey in terms of price but it is worth to burn my pocket for getting a smooth and radiant skin! :D
Have I achieved my skin to have baby soft skin? Maybe. :P 
I know you're looking at my pink hair right now. Yes, I did super neon pink dip dye recently! :P 

ANOTHER BREAKTHROUGH FOR MY BODY ACNE, I have quite a lot of body acnes on my back recently and since it works on my face and so I give it a try on just cleansing on my body acnes on my back and after week, my body acnes is gone! YAYY! No more shy shy and show my sexy back! XD lolololol wtf. 

Wanna know more about this amazing cleansing bar? 
Go watch this 2 video clips. 

Original Mini Gamila Cleansing Bar - RM66.00
Original Gamila Cleansing Bar - RM199.00

You can purchase them online or at Parkson Sunway Pyramid to try out the cleansing bar for yourself! 

For more information, go to Gamila Secret Malaysia  and also Gamila Secret website


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