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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: Laura Mercier Sheer Crème Eye Colour in Mauve Pastel

Last month, I just randomly joined Like, Share & Win contest by Laura Mercier Malaysia on Facebook as I just stumbled by on news feed which one of my friends shared the post on August. So, I might as well try my luck to see if I'm lucky enough. :)

One fine day, I've received a notification from my FB chat and surprisingly it was from Laura Mercier Malaysia and they congratulated me that I'm one of the lucky winners where I can get one of Laura Mercier's Belle Nouveu Makeup Collection Summer 2012 items. Of course, I was really ecstatic about it :D

So, they asked me to collect the prize at The Gardens where there's Laura Mercier branch and once I have given details about my contacts and stuff and they finally gave me the "prize". Which was a small purple pastel tube which in appearance looks like a sample size to me, and they did said that it was a primer or base or something which I didn't really bothered to listen about it because of the disappointment I get. To be fair, I'm really clueless about Laura Mercier products, until one night I was curious to try on this product and I've googled about it and eventually I've realized is a actual product. o.o Which retails at $22.00 which is equivalent RM 66++ ? I think it would be RM 70-80 plus since there's tax for import goods.  

Let's move on to the product I'm gonna review for today! 
Laura Mercier introduced these three pastel shades of Sheer Creme Eye Colour as apart of Belle Nouveu Makeup Collection.
Bascially, I've googled about this product where most of all beauty vloggers/ bloggers gave positive reviews about this cream eyeshadow which is a easy application for one just a swipe of a finger where you can achieve some pretty effortless colour with minimal blending.

They have 3 shades with is: 
  • Aqua Pastel (mint green)
  • Mauve Pastel (lavender purple) 
  • Sheer Grey (pale grey) 

They got me a Mauve Pastel which I like this colour among all colours they have. 
The shadows are housed in tiny tubes with a small nozzle tip. Don't squeeze too hard, because you’ll find that they’re pretty pigmented for being sheers but it’s easy to blend as sheer washes of color, but they look really good when built up to a medium opacity too. While they might look a little washed on very pale complexions, I think these would look absolutely good on darker skin tones.

The eye shadows are really creamy which a little 'bean' size application which ables to sheered out the colours onto your eye lids. Another plus point is these cream eye shadows can be used as primers too! Cool huh? This would be like a quick application while you can skip the primer and straight to the eye shadow! 
This how it looks when I applied them on my eye lids, which I didn't put a lot. It gives a sheery pastel on my eyes. Depending on how much you apply; the more you applied, the more pigmented the colour pops out! 
As I closes my eyes, it is really pigmented which it really suits my skin tone :D


You can check it out on their website or maybe Laura Mercier Facebook Page

Gotta class to attend!


Disclamier: This product was a prize for join a contest. Not a sponsored product and everything on honest feedback. 


  1. Nice pastel shade there. Very sweet looking, I like :)

  2. Good evening, my dear :)

    Great-great post!

    We can follow each other via gfc and other chanels if u want :)

    Hope to see u soon.



  3. congrats girl! It's a good prize nonetheless



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