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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My First Photoshoot with Cleo Magazine Malaysia!

Hey lovelies! I have been longing and awaiting to blog about this photo shoot as I have been secretive and never exposed about this photo shoot because I want to surprise you guys. But I have revealed on Instagram and Facebook because of excitement, so the surprise failed. lol  

Actually before this photo shoot ever happened, during my semester break I was flipping through Cleo Magazine and I was wondering, it would be awesome experience when I get to be featured in one of the pages in Cleo magazine. So, what I saw on the retail therapy page was mentioned about volunteering for the "suss out a new shop", so why not trying. Maybe I will get photo shoot, so I submitted my picture and details by snail mail. yes, mail. I know it's kinda hassle to buy a stamp and a envelope to mail them but I did. :)   

On mid-September, I received a unknown message which is from Sabrina who is involved with magazine shoots that she asked me if I would like to go for the shoot. Of course, I was so excited and I agreed! :D Plus, she asked me to bring along 2 friends for the photo shoot for upcoming issues. So, I brought Net and Carolyn along, who are the only people who are free and able to go with me. :) 

 Where the photo shoots will be taken. 

See the left side of this picture? Yeah, that's me on the process of makeup. My arms looks so wide LOL =.= 

The stylist of the day; Gavin Soh. He's really good in makeup and hair styling! He has been doing this for lots of photo shoots from high fashion shoots to famous celebrities. He's friendly too! He did showed me the look I'm going to have for the shoot which he showed me through his phone and I literally laughed because of the hairstyle which it was very exotic to me HAHA 
 Testing, one two three.

This is how my makeup and hairstyle would turn out. Yay or nay? But I like the makeup that he did for me. :D Really nice even though it kinda thick haha :) 
Net's turn for makeup! 
 Makeup, clothing all set and now shoot! 

On the process of shoot...I was seriously a noobie for modelling and posing stuff and I can't smile well T-T  Oh well, maybe modelling wasn't for me. lol 

 Carolyn did her makeup by Gavin too! 

After my photo shoot....(we didn't managed to capture the process of shoot part because everyone was quite busy) 
 Selca shots! Mine was turquoise eyes and Net's was blue!  

Closer view for my eye makeup. 
My pores is so obvious >.< 

I'm featured on Cleo Magazine November Issue!

My mum can't even recognized me from this picture because I look kinda mature on this picture. :O 

Also, I'm featured on Reader Road Test page! I've never expected to be on this month's issue! But still, yay! :)

This shoot and being involved in the magazine was indeed a great experience and also it was my "What-should-I-do-before-I-die-list" LOL I guess I can die in peace now lol *touch wood x10000*

I wasn't allowed to reveal Carolyn's makeup and shoots because she want to blog about this when she was featured on upcoming issues. :X So, be anticipated haha. 

Thank you Cleo Magazine Malaysia! xoxo



  1. awwwww. congrats girl! u look so pretty!

  2. Replies
    1. Go to that page, on the bottom of the page, there's a note about sending your details to them! Have to send by mail. :)

  3. Congrats! You look so pretty!
    and loving the behind the scene photos. :)

  4. Whoa, so awesome la weih!! :D You got a whole page to yourself, and the makeup looks great! (The hairstyle they did for you is kinda weird though, haha!) Super love the shoes you wore for the shoot. <3

    1. The wedges was mine ahaha :P Yes, it was weird at first but it's okay lah :)

  5. Yes is you hehe. Saw it and bought the mag!!!

  6. I bought the mag end of last month and yeah I saw you on two of the pages before you blogged about it! Way to go girl :DDD

  7. u r so lucky to be chosen by CLEO team!!

    1. hahahaha Hopefully I'm lucky all the way :D



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