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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

JW Anderson X Topshop Collection Launch @ Midvalley

Hello lovelies! Last week, I just attended JW Anderson X Topshop Private Preview launch at Mid Valley Megamall. First of all, I'm always big fan of Topshop. Because of their fashion wise and the quality of the clothing is pretty good too! During that day, we have a chance to be the first people to see the latest collection for Topshop before retailing off to the public! Unfortunately, I wasn't invited from Topshop but my classmate, Zarina reminded me about the upcoming event, so I RSVP myself to go and check it out. :D
So, who's JW Anderson? His real name is Jonathan William Anderson (FYI) Here's a brief picture about a young designer from UK. 

Here's a few of his collection that I like (so far) :D 
The yellow pussy cat denim is utterly adorable *meow*

Every of JW Anderson X Topshop collection are made in United Kingdom. 
The guests served with drinks and some tidbits. Plus, a free manicure service too! I didn't went for the manicure because I'm wearing my favourite nail polish from Topshop LOLOLOL I will reviewing very soon! :D  

Emcee of the launch; Kyile and Denver (Topshop Malaysia's Personal Shopper) explained about the collection of JW Anderson collaborated with Topshop and also explained what are the current trend for this season. 

Pinafore dress which designed by JW Anderson; one of the most best-selling clothing in UK. (Does it reminds you of our primary school uniform? lollllll)
Ohh I love this; a very grudge and edgy style :D
Different odd colours can be mix matched perfectly! 
This is the clothing I like the most; biker jacket with a top and a dark denim! Rock and edgy style that can match with a killer heels or a Dr. Martens boots! 
The setting for JW Anderson X Topshop collection. 
Spot the studded clutch and boots!! LOVE IT!! 
 Mua & Kyile; the beautiful emcee! 
I know you notice my shirt; my boobs holding up my shirt LOL == 

What I wore that day wasn't an good idea which I don't even have time to change and I wore that outfit from my class till the event. lol bad idea. 

But I can tell you what I wore that day; 
Top : Cotton On ; 
Purple Denim: Topshop ; 
Platforms: Vincci; 
Bag: Celine Inspired Bag from blogshop 
She loves funny poses XD *piggy face* 
Kyile, Me & Denver the personal shopper. 
He can revamp your fashion sense to a whole different fashion styles that suit for you! :D
Kyile, Zarina and Denver. They are seriously funny and friendly ! XD
Throughout the event, I met Charis who's from a band named Skyward and Ming who's a Youtuber from The Ming Thing & Skyward band with Charis. (He took our picture,
That's all for that day! I hope Topshop will invite me for more upcoming events which I'm excited to see the collections in the future! :D *Topshop please read this* LOL 



  1. Great post! This collection is amazing! :DD

  2. w00ts! Some of the pieces are really cool (like the studded boots omg *drool*). :D I laughed at the pinafore-like dress though. XD

  3. likeee your blog,
    keep posting and go for it!!


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  6. nice nice nice! How i wish i cn attend too! LOL at the part when your boob holding your shirt. HAHAHA!

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  8. wow! how to get the event seriously i also very crave to go to topshop launching event ehhhh~~ <3<3<3
    the 'boobs hold my shirt' shy lol



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