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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beauty Runs deep At Zalora Malaysia

We all desire beautiful skin and want to learn how to get that perfect beautiful skin. I guess this would be a dream come through and they are the needs of every woman out there. As we all know this fact what do we do about it. I have a question to all you makeup lovers or beauty lovers out there? What are your favourite products or what’s your favourite brand? 
When someone asks me this question I start thinking and wondering what my favourite…I actually have no idea yet maybe because I am still trying them all out. For some of us we might get confused with all the brands out there and we might not know what to use and we tend to mix and match different brands. One thing for sure we have to know that applying beauty products cannot or never should it be mix and match like your tops.
For most of you out there who love beauty products and find it as a need to apply beauty products. We know that is it important to look good and the face is at times the main focus. Choosing a beauty product that fits you can be a challenge but once you find the right one it could be a great relief.
If you are still figuring out what should I use or the product that that has it all from body care to feet care. Well I know one that has it all and that is Yves Roacher, it is a brand that some of you might not know but in the plant world, water is more than essential to life: it is life. Yves Rocher the founder of Botanical Beauty Research reveals the exceptional power of moisture capture botanical saps and demonstrates not only their hydration, but also correction potential on the skin.
So far looking at it you might find it quite a good match to you but you never know till you actually try it and now you can get it at a very reasonable price at Zalora because they are available here in Malaysia.
The best thing about Yves Roacher beauty product that that would be anybodys interest would be the Yves Rocher CN3 Waterproof Eye Pencil in turquoise. It has a soft, protective, Chamomile extract-enriched texture that offers a gliding application as it emphasizes the look of ultra-intense colour. Creamy and comfortable, it goes on evenly and blends easily and I like to match it with my nail polish at times. Its waterproof formula also guarantees a flawless, long-lasting look. Even better is their built-in sharpener that ensures an ultra-precise line every time, and it has a super practical, retractable tip.
I know you might be wondering beauty product and what is it importance to an eye liner but let me tell you that although beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, the feeling of being beautiful exists solely in the mind of the beheld. Well that will be some famous quotes by someone and the thing that you should know would be styling your eyes right for the right eye to eye contact on that first look.
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By Kathy,  writer at Zalora Malaysia. She likes messing around and jamming around with the flow of life and living every moment of it as how it is.

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