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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shoeholics Anonymous; A Neo-Retro Fashion Event by Corgi

Annyeonghaseyo lovelies! I was invited from Carolyn for attending Corgi's fashion event at Publika last Sunday, as well as Mandy. Thanks Carol! Anyways, we reached at Publika around 1pm something at the Black Box and the staff gave us some notice about delay for an hour due to some techincal problem. However, one of Corgi's staff was kind enough to offer us a drink while waiting and eventually we took a walk around Publika while passing the time. 

Have you heard of Corgi? Well, Corgi is a fashion brand that designs footwear, bags and accessories to match casual classic styles. Most of their products are manufactured from Korea. 

"Be elegant. Be Bold. Be stylish"

Once the event started, we signed our names on their signature attendance board. Look! my signature is on the board! :) 

Once we entered, and we saw a few live mannequins! Literally, they don't move at all! They are like mannequins that you see on retail stores :D They look stable and focus too, I wonder how long they gonna freeze themselves? The environment was really cool and cozy and it feels like a fashion show runway! 
There were on 50% off sales for all of these shoes!! 
Unfortunately, they don't have my size T-T and Carolyn was supposed to buy a pair gorgeous heel but they don't have her size too. :/ Are Korean's feet that small? 
We were served with free flow cocktails and mock-tails. Sexy Corgi a.k.a Sex on the beach. Love this the most! 

While we were outside, waiting for event to get started. 

The display collection is Corgi's latest Autumn/Winter collection from casual to classy! 
Pretty necklace with Eiffel tower, I didn't took much about their collections but their collections are really pretty. 
The beverage section, just grab when you're on thirst. :)
True Blue Shoe-Lover cocktail. Nice colour combination :D
The event included a photo shoot with complete makeover of makeup and clothing which is from Spicy Colour and A.L.L.I.E.N and also a pair of your Corgi shoes taken by a celebrity photographer, Darren Loke. 

We took some random shots while waiting for the event. 

Carolyn's #OOTD

Ohh,I'm almost forgot! We ate The Last Polka ice-cream at The Bee and we ate Strawberry Cheesecake and Nutella! Both are really nice! I like Strawberry Cheesecake! 

*All of us busy taking a picture of the ice-creams*
Scream for ice-creamsssss NOM NOM NOM NOM *cookie monster mode* 

Top & Clutch: Mirrorcle
Skirt: Cotton On
Platforms: Vincci
*me & carolyn got the same platforms because it's so comfy and affordable!*
Pink bracelet: Miu Miu
Bangle: Forever 21
Flower B&W ring: Forever 21
Feather ring: Aldo

I shall end my post of myself sitting on a funny rockabye chair. LOL 



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  2. I can only shop at places with size 3 shoes :(

  3. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from Sunglasses Shop if you'd like to check it out! xx

  4. I received the invitation too, but didn't manage to go. If not I can see you in person la. :)

    What size are you wearing? Because I'm wearing size 8/9 *huge feet*

  5. one word, GORGEOUS!

  6. Merryn: size 3 is hard to find? ;O

    Cheryl Chan & Isabella: my size is 38 or 39 D; They only offered till 37

    Dylla Fadzil: Thanks! :D

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  8. nice post! it looks like a really fun event

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  12. this looks like such a fun event!


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