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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review: Sampar's Ultra Hydrating Fluid

Hello ladies! Today I will reviewing one of Sampar's well known product and if you haven't read the previous review about Sampar's Glamour Shot Eyes, click this LINK. Okay, back to the topic, The Sampar's Ultra Hydrating Fluid a.k.a Fluide Ultra Hydratant (That's how they called it in French) The uses of this product is a face moisturizer which comes from the Essentials range whereby it is the fundamentals skin care for all skin types. Should known as the "must have" product for your face. :) 
What it does was giving your face a long-lasting hydration with minimum of 12 hours for refining the skin's texture and also protecting your skin from pollution, wind and cold weather. (which can damage your skin to dehydration! )  Plus, this product is a first defense against early wrinkles (means you can look young when you're old!
Ultra Hydrating Fluid quenches thirsty skin, strengthening restructuring mechanisms and protecting it all day long! 

So, I was given a sample to try on my face, which stated for all skin types. So, I used this product and let my old moisturizer for a break. 

The texture of this product is a light and non-colour creamy moisturizer which the consistency is very thin. You just need a small pea size amount of moisturizer and spread it around your face and give a light massage. Which the application absorbs really quick into my skin and good thing is, it doesn't give my face a greasy feeling. Plus, it smells good too! Like a scent of rosy. 

Also, after the next day I woke up, I found out that my face was a lil greasy a first and after I wash my face with cleanser, I realized my skin is really smooth and hydrated and my dry areas wasn't as dry as before! AND, say YAY to no oily skin!! 

When I started my 28 days with Gamila soap, I tried to stop to use any skin care products except the soap, just to see the results. Soon, my mum claimed that she have dry skin, so I let her used this product and she have been using for 2 weeks and she's loving it too! :D 

For my 28 days with Gamila Soap review will be coming soon, so stay tuned!! 

You can purchase Sampar's Ultra Hydrating Fluid in RM276 for 50ml in Parkson @ Sunway Pyramid OR you can purchase them online: Sampar Malaysia Official Website 

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