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Friday, September 28, 2012

OISO Traditional Korean Cuisine & Cafe @ Cheras Leisuremall

Hello loves! I have been craze everything with Korean from admiring G-Dragon from Big Bang which he had came out his first mini album and also insanely love Korean Banana milk where you can purchase @ Cold Storage too! Worth to try!! I been craving for Korean food ever since the previous restaurant I've eaten, maybe you could check it out :) 
I heard about this Korean cafe which is located at Cheras Leisuremall, which is very nearby my place! (yay!) So, me & my mum went there to give a try where my mum wanted to taste of Korea. :P 

The meaning of Osio 안녕하세요means Welcome in Korean language. Koreans usually welcomed guests with lots of food on dining and also make them feel comfortable. Apparently, the restaurant is owned by Mr. Kim Young Jun and also a chef who has 13 years of experienced in this field. 

My mum ordered Brown tea for RM0.90! How cheap is that!! 

Hot Organic Brown Tea  RM0.90
While I ordered my current favorite soda: Barley Soda for RM3.90 
I can't really describe the taste but it's really nice! Recommended!  

Barley Soda  RM3.90
Most of meals are comes with set and I ordered Sunbudu Ji Gae which a spicy stew containing soft tofu, lotsa seafood, an egg and some vegetables. It is served with piping hot in earthen pot. Side dishes were some vegetables, kimchi, anchovies and a bowl of rice! The price is really worth it and it tastes really delicious, never expected to be this nice! :D 
Sunbudu Ji Gae  RM14.90

Since my mum is a vegetarian, she was quite concern when comes to food. Most Korean restaurants are served meals with meat. That would be a problem. But good thing, this cafe have Bi Bim Bab that allows you to choose various flavors. Chicken/ Beef/ Seafood/ Vegetable So my mum can ordered a dish in vegetarian! Good right! 

The dish has rice topped with various cooked vegetables such as cucumber, mushrooms, bean sprouts, plus meat(without/ with) and an egg. It is served with gochujang (red chili paste) , which should be mixed thoroughly. So far, this dish my mum loved it very much and she realized this dish might be cooked with butter because it's really obvious to detect when you started give a bite.

Bi Bim Bab RM16.90
Apologize for not taking the surroundings but I can show you the Plan map for their restaurant in Cheras Leisuremall. It is located at the highest floor which is the second floor    nearby The Library and Chicago Rib House on the GSC cinemas side building. (if you get what I mean) *Previously was a arcade station* 
I'm looking forward to try different dishes again! Since it's so near to my place! :D Well, I brought Mandy Lau and she said it was delicious and cheap too! 
"The best recipe comes from our heart."

Full Remark: 5/5 

Reason: I love it! It's so nearby my place, delicious and affordable too! What amused me was they included sleeves for the spoon and metal chopsticks. Plus point for them being hygiene!  This would be current favorite Korean cafe! Looking forward for more Korean food! 

I shall end here for now! Feel free to comment below ya! 8D

Annyeonghi Gaseyo!


  1. Hai do you know if the restaurant have a halal status?

  2. Nazihah: I'm not quite sure about this matter but I'm pretty sure it's halal :)

  3. Actually its not halal 'cause they serve alcohol there like soju and korean top-selling beers

  4. Actually its not halal 'cause they serve alcoholic drinks like soju and top-selling korean beers.

  5. I love spicy food so much that is why Korean cuisine is one of my favorite food at all.

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