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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Malaysia Tatler (august issue 2012) X Bimba & Lola

Malaysia Tatler once again, come with another great freebie which is from Bimba and Lola, a very famous brand. I got them only for RM15 including the magazine. :) Where to get? You only can get them at MPH Mid Valley or Bangsar Village for this august issue. :) I was just randomly stumbled to the magazine section while I was looking for Kopi Soh's book. :) 
 The Bimba and Lola shawl comes on 2 colours only which is Green and Blue. So I choose blue because it look more nicer and easy to match any clothing :) You will see a tag onto the shawl. 
The quality was good and thin but I don't like the smell of the shawl. It gives me a unpleasant smell. :/
But so far, I love it, it's a big shawl where you can use as a cardigan, or maybe a scraf on your neck or anything. :) 
 You can use the shawl as a accessory by twist tie onto your bag. :) What I did was just tied them into a ribbon which looks nice and the colour of the shawl matches my bag! 
Any creative ideas, you can do with this shawl? Be creative and leave a comment below and I would love to see your ideas! :) 



  1. Nice gift!! Glad they limited it to only 2 copies per person.

  2. salt and vinegar: Yeah good thing they impose that ;D

    Simple person: thanks :D

  3. Nice scarf! :D Kinda disappointed it's only available in MV and Bangsar though. :(

  4. Well you could just turn it into a rose and tie on the bag :) Or even turn it into a beach bag! :D

  5. Laura: Really? :( ask any of your friends who stay nearby there?

    Nicole: Good idea! ;D i likee! hehe

  6. So nice! I really like your blog!

  7. Thanks Nora! :) I like yours too!

  8. Hi!! Thank you for visiting my blog!! would love to follow each other! Just followed you on GFC :)



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