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Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm Fearless in Furless!

Usually when it comes to waxing, I bet everyone will be very afraid to take the challenge because of the pain that might end up with an unforgettable miserable experience. Ever since puberty, usually girls are very shy to talk about the personal things especially something hairy- you know what I mean. Personally, I have some hairy issues about myself. Well, most of the time I will be very concern of what I'm wearing especially on sleeveless top or maybe a sleeveless dress whereby I don't even want to way up my arm so high where all my hairy issues will be exposed LOL 

Most of the time, before I go out I will always make sure myself would be wearing anything sleeve top or maybe a cardigan to wear on any sleeveless clothing. From way back when I've first encountered my hairy issues when I was 14, I will start shaving and what's worse was dark underarms and stubbles! It's making more worse and also lose my confidence of wearing any nice dress and tube tops!   
Good thing, I was given an opportunity from a beautiful lady owner of Furless, Aprel to try out the waxing treatment. I was so excited to try out the waxing treatment for the first time which I didn't have any knowledge about this treatment. According to Aprel, she mentioned that the waxing experience wasn't that painful as the normal waxing. 

First of all, she asked if I wanted to try on underarms or intimate areas and my answer is underarms definitely and before the treatment started, Aprel did asked me if I'm ready to try the treatment and without a second and I was so brave and said okay. 0.0 Soon, I was escorted by a friendly therapist, Annie and led me into a room which is very cool and comfortable like you're going for a facial treatment! Like seriously, you can sleep inside the room while doing waxing! When Annie asked me to remove my shirt and I was so shy because I can't do the treatment with my shirt unless I have a singlet on me and later I'm covered with comfy purple blanket. 
I'm really clueless about what are the procedure of how they gonna do and Annie did explained to me what she's going to do step by step procedure. First, she applied a antiseptic lotion onto my underarms before waxing to let the pores to open. She did mentioned that all three waxes are fully specialized and imported which one is for sensitive skin that will ease redness and irritation. Another one was for long coarse hairs  to lighten the pain from hair removal and the third was for shorter hairs which to assure that stubbles are removed. 
She took a "ice-cream look-alike stick" to dip some wax and she gently applied the wax onto my skin and asked if the temperature was hot which I think it was bearable like a warm cloth covered my underarms and it feels quite good. Then she waited a second and out of a sudden, she pulls off the wax! Then she asked me whether if it was painful or not and of course, surprisingly it wasn't that painful. The feeling was like don't really felt pain at first and after awhile it stings a little. The weird thing was that some parts wasn't pain at all! Annie said that it's because if there's ingrown hairs that it would be a little pain compared to the normal hairs. She always double checked if there's some hairs left to make sure all ingrown hairs and stubbles are removed. There's some stubbles did bleed which she acknowledged me that the ingrown hairs are quite deep.  
After done with the waxing which this is best part for me, she applied a cooling treatment for FREE OF CHARGE (another freebie) which she used a high tech device to smooth the pores from redness, irritation and sensitive areas and it feels so good and cool and also very relax! I really enjoyed that treatment! 
After my treatment, so sorry didn't managed to take before the treatment because I'm too excited for it. :P I really like the environment will cool music and quiet too! Aprel introduced me some products which helps to protect underarms from having darker arms. 
 Some questions I've asked during the session: 

 1. How long should I go for next waxing?

Ans: Depending 2 to 3 weeks which the hair will grow around 2mm and constant waxing  
is recommended for less stubble and finer hair. 

 2. Can used any deodorant or soaps to wash underarms after waxing?

Ans: No. Due to deodorant which contains alcohol can cause underarms to have dark underarms and recommended to wash with water only for 24 hours. The next 24 hours are recommended to use any deodorant which does not contain alcohol.

3. What should we do after waxing? 

Ans: Recommended to scrub and apply moisturizer which is only specifically for underarms. 

4. Does waxing helps to lighten from discolouration or dark underarms? 

Ans: Yes, waxing does not only help for smoother skin and it also helps to make your skin more fairer as it exfoliates the dead skin.  

Overall, I think it's really worth the money to come in terms of the comfortable environment and affordable price too! Look at the price range! The most important of all, the service is really good! 

It's really was a great experience! Furless transformed my life into more confident person!!  And yes, I will be going back there in the future! 

 The waiting area is so colourful and look very relaxed too! 
I did purchased Furless's product which is Natural Crystal Deodorant spray on travel size for RM18 only! This product is more natural and eco-friendly and also no alcohol too! The packaging is very cute!

You guys should totally come and try out! Everyone is so friendly and attentive and also they will give you smooth skin like a toddler! So go to this shop now and you will be FURLESS!  :D
Best part of all, all first timers like you out there will be getting 50% off the bill!! How cool is that!!  I will give you the full price and you will see the difference! 

Their latest promotion which was the F.A.B - which spells as Furless Added Bonus 
 which is a Gift Certificate at RM300 only!

You can enjoy: 

  • Furless Added Bonus; RM40
  • No Expiration Date 
  • Best part of all, it is applicable for any Wax Services offered! 
What are you waiting for? Go grab the great opportunity before someone else does! 

Visit them at: 
21-M, Block B, Jaya One, 
No 72A Jalan Universiti, 
46200 PJ, Selangor. 

Tel: 03-79317326

Working hours: Monday - Sunday  10am - 8pm

You can get in touch with them at:


  1. oh berani u. I dare not go for waxing. r u going to try intimate waxing next?

  2. wow you are not virgin anymore! XD
    ops i mean waxing...

  3. i sooo want to go here! looks awesome! love your blog, followed you!

    xx james

  4. Meryn: Maybe :D haha

    Simple Person: yesss haha

    Henry: I where got no virgin lo didn't do 'there' also HAHAHAHA

    Jamie: Thanks Jamie xoxo

    Cassandra: no worries, they're really gentle and polite! :)

  5. cool, thanks for sharing this. I might try waxing, but doesn't it hurt so bad?!

  6. So far what I had experienced, it's not that pain but abit stingly (I'm not sure if I'm said correct or not) :) hehe



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