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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

Hello loves! I have discovered a very easy-to-do and colourful nail where you can DIY yourself at home. It's so easy! It's really fun and funky for this summer! I'm not sure that anyone had seen this tutorial on Youtube or any other blogs but still, I'm really excited to share with all of you! :) Let's get started!
What you need is:

  1. Sponge - you can buy them at Daiso (That's where I brought them, only RM5)
  2. Cotton Pad
  3. Cutex Nail Remover 
  4. A chopstick / Cotton buds
  5. A bowl of water (just pipe water, will do)
  6. Nail Polishes, of course! 

  • From left; Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Tip (White)
  • Topshop Nail Polish in Pool Party
  • China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Purple Panic #1008

Step 1 : Apply white nail polish
Before apply them, make sure you apply the base coat before applying them to protect your nails to avoid 'yellowish nails'. Applying white nail polish can enhance the colour of the nail polish to be more brighter and alternative colour you can replace with is nude or skin tone colour - if you don't want the colour to be very bright or too harsh. 

Step 2: Cut the sponge into smaller square
As for the sponge which is quite big for me and might be a lil troublesome while applying the nail polishes, so for better convenient; cut the sponge into smaller pieces which can apply easier and also fit to your nail while applying them. 

Step 3: Gently soak the sponge into the water
Next step, just gently soak the sponge into the water and don't leave it too long because we don't want the sponge to be too wet; just nice will do. Later, just use a towel and dry it up a little bit because we just want the inside of the sponge to be wet. (btw, that wasn't a bowl of water, that was the bottle cap - I'm too lazy to bring a bowl lol)

Step 4: Apply your desired colours to the sponge
Apply any nail polishes will do! As long it brings the nice gradient and matching to get the nice ombre effect. You can apply from two to three layers as you wish. For now, I chose Purple Panic and Pool Party which is a turquoise colour. Okay, apply the colours on top of the sponge accordingly depending your choice; be creative! 
It should be look like this!

Step 5: Dap the sponge onto your nails
While the nail polish on the sponge is still wet, gently dap the sponge onto your nails. Once you dap the first coat, it would look really light but after the second or third coat it will gets more opaque. 
It would turn out like this. :)
Later, you use cotton buds to dip the nail remover and clean up the edges. As for my case, which I'm out of cotton buds, I will use my DIY to make a cotton bud - I pull out some cotton from cotton pads and wrap around the tip of the chopstick. 
It look like "almost finished eaten cotton candy"

Final Step: Apply Top Coat
Do the rest of the nail the same technique and finally, apply top coat and you're finally done! Yay! Isn't nice? :D The gradient is so beautiful with a mixture of purple! 
It's so colourful and suitable to wear on any occasions! Especially this summer! (okaylah, Malaysia is always 365 days also summer lol wtf)
It looks great on any lighting too! 
I hope you like this tutorial! I hope you would kindly send me a picture of your DIY ombre nails or maybe leave comment a link below that I would love to see your creations! 

Be creative! 



  1. Thanks Camy! You should try this! :)

  2. Nice.. The last time I tried, my nail polish melted my cheapo sponge grrr

  3. Love the colours! Last time i tried these, the nail polish turned out very bubbly coz it was too thick (was trying to make it more opaque so i used 2-3 layers). I MUST TRY IT AGAIN *determined* lol

  4. easy technique but the outcome is superb! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Isabel: Actually my sponge did melt a lil but I try to gently apply them to avoid the sponge sticking to my nails :/

    LauraLeia: Okay good :D hehehehe

    Choi Yen: You're always welcome! :D

  6. hi dear, thanks for visiting my blog! great DIY ombre nail post :) i'd love to follow each other like you suggested...i'll start first xo jess

  7. Niceeeee, havent got the time to do ombre nails yet :P



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