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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Sri Petaling

I was meeting with my high school besties yesterday at Mandy bf's house whereby we supposed to spend the whole day with them like having homemade lunch cooked by Chef Mandy Lau. Sadly, I missed it. So I came around 5pm and had a chocolate mousse cake made by them and did some manicure session by Cashkoo and I will show you the end of the post! :P So we have to decide where we gonna eat somewhere nearby here for dinner, and the same thing that everytime we ate are pasta or maybe western food, which is very typical for us. So, Korean food just appeared to my mind and I was very eager to try them since I have NEVER been to any Korean restaurant either to Korea. So, we agreed and we headed to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant at Sri Petaling
 I was pretty excited to eat because this is my first time eating Korean food! 
 The first thing I went in was like woahhhhhh. It really feels like I'm in Korea! The place really looks like exactly what I have seen on Korean TV series. :D
The place is really spacious and comfortable and we are greeted and escorted with a traditional style which is the tatami style, where they also provided the typical sitting area. *look at the little boy hugged by his mom, so cute!* 
We were served by a Korean lady with her traditional Korean dress, I'm not sure if she's the boss for this restaurant. By the time,we ordered a few dishes which we thought we might be sharing and the lady told us that a meal is only for one person. So might as well, we order the BBQ set. :) 
 Spot me! :D Today is a no makeup day for us! haha
 Firstly, they served with a bowl of seaweed soup each. Perhaps as appetizer, i guess?
 Then they started serving some fresh vegetables and sauce for the BBQ. 
They also serve us some Korean Tea which is refillable where most Koreans use that water bottle to refill their drink. 
Before serving the side dishes (Ban-Chan), they heat up the stove by bring in the hot charcoal for BBQ and left the garlic in the middle of the stove to heat it up. There's a funny thing hanging on the ceiling which is a exhaust to suck the smoke especially for BBQ. 
I've tasted Kimchi which tasted really funny and usually Kimchi usually taste sour and spicy and this Kimchi doesn't taste like it...
Salted Jelly with preserved vegetables and white raddish with spicy sauce. - to be fact, no one tried that because it tasted funny. 
Best thing was, BBQ session was fully done by the staff and we just look and wait for the food to be cooked. 
UPDATED: Pork Special (RM 35)

Colourful side dishes! I like most of them except the 3 which I have mentioned before. The Korean Cawanmushi is really good! What I like the most is every side dishes is refillable upon request or they will just help you refill more! I like their friendly service! I kept ordered for more the salad HEHEHEHE. ;B
 Oh by the way, we ordered marinated chicken pork fillet. (Don't even ask me what's in Korean cause I don't even know how to read it.) 
We also ordered steamed ginseng chicken soup with rice. This is a must-eat food in Korea. It tasted really nice with the essence of chicken with a hint of ginseng. My friend was quite disappointed with the amount of rice they gave was too little because previously she went to Seoul and she ordered the same thing with more rice on the bottom of the pot. 
UPDATED: Sam-Gye-Tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) RM 30

We ordered a plate of Pa-jeon which is a pancake with fresh seafood and some spring onions on top and dipped them with soy sauce mixed with vinegar and chopped spring onions. It's so good! They sliced them like pizzas! I guess it's a Korean Pizza, eh? 
UPDATED: Pa-Jeon RM 25

Another pot we ordered are Dwen-jang-jilgae which is served with fresh seafood and fresh vegetables with Korean broth and also comes with a bowl of rice. This is the best food I have tasted among all dishes! Especially soaked with rice, it's just pleasantly delicious! We did drank the last drop of the soup! 
UPDATED: Soon-Dubu-Jjigae RM 18

BBQ time! So their way of eatting BBQ chicken  pork is the fillet is dipped with a ginger sauce and bean sauce and finally wrapped with lettuce. Straight away goes into your month and it tasted so good! :)
Not to forget, we also ordered spicy marinated chicken fillet. Which wasn't that spicy as we were expected but it still taste good. 
UPDATED: Dak-Gak-Bi (Spicy Marinated Chicken Fillet) - RM 28

 Finally we are done eating all this delicious dishes and they served us a plate of dessert, fresh and juicy watermelon slices as a complimentary, just in time! :D
They also served Korean Barley Juice after meals for cleansing our stomach which is good for health ! :) I didn't knew it was barley juice and I thought it tasted like "tang yuan soup" with some ginger. :O As I know it was a traditional beverage which is made from Barley mat powder and rice and it tasted sweet and cold! I like! :D
 Satisfied faces. :)
 Poh yee and Cashkoo
 Erin, Me and Mandy
Group picture, thanks to the waiter at the restaurant! *omg my eyes is squinting like Korean* 
Looking forward for next dinner / lunch! North Indian cuisine, perhaps? 
 Picture with Erin Foo! :)
My outfit of the day! 
Top: Mirrorcle @ Fahrenheit 88
White jeans: Victoria Beckham by Rock Republic 
Shoes: Birkenstock 
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Accessory from Miu Miu & Forever 21
The manicure session by Cashkoo which is a floral print manicure which is really sweet and simple! I love them!! :D Thank you Cashkoo!

My final remark: 4/5! UPDATED

I'm definitely looking forward to go back and dine in with my family in the future and it is a really good Korean cuisine experience and they have expanded to more branches which you can tried them any Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant nearby your house! :)

Why I changed the remark? 
After I have noticed all the prices due a request for food prices to be stated on the post, to be honest the price was pretty expensive despite of the small portion they served even though the dishes was quite delicious. 

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant
21, 1st Floor,
Jalan Radin Anum,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-9057 3617

Business Hours: 12.00pm - 2.00pm, 5.30pm - 11.30pm (daily) 


  1. Hmm... always pass by the restaurant but i nvr try before. wouldn't it over price?

  2. Fluffy FurFer: Hmmm can say it's still affordable because it's only RM30 per person when we divided :)

  3. Ic... so it is wise to eat in a big group :X

  4. :) Daorae is a nice place to dine in

  5. Fluffy Furfer: ya for better, go with a huge group of people if you want to go yeah :)Nice to meet you! :D

    Nicole: Yeap! So comfy and yummy too!

  6. nice to meet you too!

    you like korean food?

  7. For now is a yes! I do love Korean Food! Never tried them until that day! ;D

  8. you should go korean village at jalan ampang! the food there are nicer <3

  9. Alright I will try one day! :D Thanks for the info!

  10. I'm really interested in the price. Maybe you can include it next time? :D

  11. I love korean BBQ! Anything korean is amazing! :D

    The food looks super yummy! :D

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    See you there! :D
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    xoxo backtofive

  12. Thx for the price update babe!
    It's really pricey but kinda standard for Korean food la

  13. Yeah, I agree too! But my friend went to Korea and ate is more expensive than what we ate i guess it's fair enough? haha

  14. I still prefer their Potato and carrot slices seasoned with black pepper Best Food Truck In LA



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