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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care @ Cheras, Taman Segar

Hello lovelies! So before I even started to enter my short semester break, one of my top list that I need to do during my holidays is Aromatherapy massage. That's right. Too much stress and burden that weighs on my shoulders after my countless words of assignments. @_@ Previously, I have asked a question of recommendations of which place should I go for good service and affordable spa and massage? Most of the answers are Amante Nail Spa & Body Care. (according to bloggers that I knew and introduced to me) 

Well, I went and google about this center and they have expanded to few branches and I saw there's a branch in Cheras! What's the best thing? It is just nearby Cheras Leisuremall where I have staying somewhere there for past 20 years. It's sooo near that I can just walk there and get a good treat! -FYI, it's just a couple blocks away from Hair Now Beauty Centre!
So, I visited once and asked about the prices they given and stuff and what attracts me is FREE TREATMENT. (As you know, I'm always get craze with the word FREE) So, I asked them and they mentioned that I have to come back on Friday which the staff is still on holiday during Hari Raya. So let's skip to Friday, shall we? 
On friday, I went around 2pm and before I even reached there, I called them if there's a slot for me and they said yes! Yay!
Okay, as I stepped into Amante, I was greeted with friendly staff on the reception and the place was very cosy and cool with air-condition while outside which is pretty hot during the afternoon. 
While I was waiting for the therapist to get ready...
I took some pictures of their surroundings just to let you see how the Cheras branch looks like and by the way, they just opened Amante Cheras branch recently. 
(That my brown clutch on the sofa, opps.)
Amante also provide manicure and pedicures service as well as hot stone and aromatherapy massage as what I'm going through. Oh and also waxing too! 
O.P.I nail polish collection on display.
Ohhhh Miss Piggy Collection! :D

The therapist escorted me into a room and what I never expected was there's a underground passage O.O wow. I was quite surprise and ecstatic too because I never knew there's a staircase to go through the underground basement.  
So, the therapist bring me into a room and she gave me a shower cap, a towel, a disposable underwear? Actually it feels like thong cause I felt awkward when I change by just wearing a towel and underwear. (This is my first aromatherapy massage btw, LOL)
Then, I'm done changing, she started to do massage about 30 mins because it was trial for free treatment, so that's okay for me. To be honest, it was really good and comfortable that she is really kind to asked if I'm comfortable with the massage or maybe which problem areas on my body I'm having and she will put more effort on the problem areas that I have which is my shoulder. It was so comfortable and I fell asleep during the therapy and she was really good in massaging! But she did asked me if I have to add on time and of course, added charges for extra time and I just said 30 mins should be fine. 

After the session is over, she did asked me to sit up straight and she did couple of massages on my shoulder and she said my shoulder was quite stiff and she recommend me to come back for 60 min massage to loose my shoulders which she was really polite. 
I went to the toilet and I realized it wasn't just a toilet, it was a bathroom which they have shower tap where you can shower if you want to. I took the picture because of I'm amazed with the stone look-alike basin. LOL 
The bathroom was pretty clean though. :)
Outside the bathroom. 
After I'm done and I just relaxed and take a seat on the sofa and the therapist served me a cup of hot ginger tea and it taste so yummy! Previously, I hate ginger very much and I don't know why I love the taste of it especially after massage. :D

I chatted with the receptionist which I think she's the branch manager and her name is Nico and she introduced me some packages that I can reconsider when I decided to come back again and she also mentioned that they will providing facial treatment next month.  
Amante provided every services which is all in one which is really convenient that you won't be necessary to go other places to do other services you want. They even have Eyelash extension! I did not know until Nico showed me the menu. 
Here's the prices for each service they have! Cheras people, you can reconsider this place to enjoy! 

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care @ Cheras

14-G, Jalan Manis 3, Taman Segar
Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur
10am to 8pm

Closed on Monday 

Tel: 03-9130 0121 

Disclaimer: This was not a invited review. I was just interested with the place to enjoy Free Treatment.


  1. Wow, the place looks really nice! And got underground rooms summore, cool! XD I thought a free manicure/pedicure was included? I wanna see what colour you chose. :P

  2. Seems like a really nice place to relax. Wish I could visit it someday! :D

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  3. i also want. if only they got do for guys. TT LOL

  4. Love this look!I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

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  6. Laura: Sadly, only can choose one treatment :( If I will choose, miss piggy collection XD

    Cass: Thanks I will! How to join? :O

    Mr Lonely: Go and try it out! ;D

    Henry: I think they do provide too! :)

    Tom: Yes I agree too!

    Lorena: Okay! :)

  7. Aww, that Buy One Free One promotion from Amante. I thought the promotion was over. Haha! TIME FOR BODY MASSAGE :)

  8. Nice post.^^
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  9. :) this is my favourite place to go too.. and I know the onwer personally!! thanks for putting up nice review Angeline!

  10. While I can see the point of tipping a therapist in a "spa" setting, I totally do not understand why one would expect a gratuity of any kind in a clinical setting, where the work being performed is for treatment of an injury or chronic discomfort.

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