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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer in Clinique Beach Par-tay 2012!

Greetings awesome people! Did you went to Summer in Clinique Beach Party? It was awesomesauce! lol I tag along 2 of mua friends; Alvin and Carina to the party which I'm allowed to bring 2 person along! :) What's more I realised that the day itself having MTV World Stage 2012 together with Clinique Beach Party! :D by the way, I didn't went for the Summer Girl Search because it's over by the time I reached there. T-T oh well...
 Media Tag *yippie*
 The wrist paper band which we used to wear for entry to Sunway Lagoon! :)
 Before we head to the pool, I put on Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 Ultra Protection which is oil-free and protect myself from getting sunburn! 

Me & Carina got ushered by Clinique staff to go for a free makeover! 

On the process of getting nice makeup from them...
The pool is happening with awesome DJ rapping, JJ & Ean as the host and few other celebrities which was bringing the crowd lively!  
 I'm done! Am I pretty? :P (LOL perasaan) 
 Thank you, Alicia for the makeover which is really natural looking and nice! 
 I'm gonna hit the pool but before this I went for a mini photo shoot, thanks to Clinique! 
 Thanks to this dude for taking my pictures which is really funny! Wanna see the outcome? Well, wait till you see the last picture of my post!
Clinique's latest Clinique Sun with Solar Smart that keeps you from getting sunburn and protect from UV rays! I was wearing their sunblock that day! Go check out in Clinique stores! :)

Let's hit the pool! 
 Alvin with the awkward face and Carina! :)
 I met Laura Lee at Clinique Beach Party too! Nice to meet you! :)
 Having lotsa fun with them! HEHEHEHE err duck face, i know :P
 Still loving my China Glaze, Purple Panic (Neon). Go check out the review here.
Vain picture of myself. I'm so pretty lol wtff. A sexy korean eye of my left side HAHAHAHAHAHA 

 Getting more & more people.
 ECX was performing their awesome break dance from Showdown!
Alvin got soaked by the big bucket of water on top!

Best part, I got airbrush tattoo on my back! :)
 Finally can own a tattoo but fake one wtf. 
 It's so prettay! :) I got a sexy back! HEHE
I also met another blogger, Nicole Sim which was studying the same course with me which I just knew awhile ago. LOL nice to meet you nicole! :)
Lastly, I met Joanne Teoh from Clinique who contacted me for this event! Thank you! :)

I think you realised I got soaked wet because of swimming around the pool and went for a adventurous ride! Amazingly, the makeup is still there! No smudges at all! Awesome product!
 Oh and I got another airbrush tattoo on my ankle, A star anklet tattoo! :)

Time to open the freebiesss! 
 Thank you Clinique for the huge bag of door gifts!

What's inside?
  • Clinique beach bag
  • Clinique beach hat
  • Clinique Derma White City Block anti-pollution SPF 40 
  • Clinique cute watermelon pin
Mr Alvin got a door gift too and doesn't want all these stuff which he claims them, "girly" so might as well I take it. :P

What's inside?
  • Clinique Beach Hat
  • Cleo pencil
  • Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 Ultra Protection mini size
  • Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPT 15
  • There's a another cute pin which Alvin took it away

Here's my photo shoot picture.
 Nice? Damn do I look awkward? 

Top & shorts: Cotton On
Pink polka dot bikini: Roxy
Beach sandals: Roxy
Straw hat: F block
Watch: Seiko; Baby-G

Thank you Clinique for the invitation!

To find out more check out more click to Clinique Facebook Page




  2. i like your hair colour! awesome! and it's great that the makeup did not smudge ;D was it clinique products too?

  3. TEEHEE. nice to meet you in person too. didn't know that we are on the same class/course, class is too big that's why lol. :P

  4. Hey, thanks for leaving a comment in my blog! :) I also didn't see you :( If not, I could've made a new blogger friend. Haha.

    Glad to hear you had fun! Wanna exchange links?


  5. Good makeover! And very nice tattoo!! :)

  6. It was great to meet you too! :D
    I love your makeover shot, very pretty! The hats really adds some fun into your beach outfit. ^^

  7. You have a Great Make Over there...

  8. hui sien: ME TOO!!! :D

    Cheryl: thanks! :D yesss :) all from clinique! :)

    Nicole: lol maybe haha

    missymiyen: sure sure :) when you've followed me just leave a comment so that I can follow you :)

    Lindy: thanks :D

    Laura: thank you :D hehehe

    mummy Akmar: thanks :)

  9. Great post, love your makeover very much! :)

    Followed your blog, mind to follow me back at ?

  10. That's so much fun that you got invited to the Clinique event! I love the neutral makeover they gave you and that's so nice they gave you a take home goodie bag :)

  11. Wai yee aka Rane: Followed! :)

    Karen Law: it's really awesome!! :D



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