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Monday, July 30, 2012

Origins freebies & More!

Hey all Origins fans! Origins is having their special freebies for all Facebook Fans!
Exclusive for our Facebook fans! 

Quote this password ‘Naturally younger’ at our 1st Floor North Area, Mid Valley Megamall and you’ll take home an Origins notebook + 3pc sample upon a FREE Mini Facial. Valid until 29th July, Sunday only. *which is already over, I know* 

I went to Origins on last Friday right after my class and I got complimentary free mini facial from Origins after quoted the word "naturally younger" and I was approached by a girl named Aris Leong who is a therapist in her expertise and she ushered me to take a seat. Then, she will first consulted me about my skin problems which is combination of oily and dry skin. Later, she introduced the products that is suitable for my skin and she started doing mini facial. :)

After facial is done, she kindly asked what Origins product that I'm interested with and I chose three products which is the scrub, serum and the moisturizer. However, she said serum was out of stock so instead she gave me another moisturizer for night which is okay for me. Finally, she nicely packed the 3pc samples into a brown square paper socket (idk what is it called) and also she gave me a very nice white notebook with the word 'Origins'  which I can use for my lecture notes and other stuff and it's hard cover too!

By the way, if you need any reservations for facial you can kindly call Aris Leong at Gardens, Mid Valley which they are going to open soon by next month: 03-2287 4662 (Don't worry, she's very friendly! :) )

Do you remember the previous Female Magazine July Issue
Well, if anyone of you ladies out there brought this month's issue and when to Metrojaya to reedem the perfume sample but wondering when will come. Well, here they are. Omigosh, take almost a month to reedem. == Actually, it wasn't them call me to come over to reedem, I went there by myself with risk and asked if the samples have arrived or not and the third time I went and asked, and the promoter said the samples are finally here. OH THANK GOD. -.- I was told that the Bvlgari Jasmine is out of stock, so instead he gave me Omina Amethyste which it was alright for me. 
There you go. Burberry Body and Bvlgari Omina Amethyste.
Well, I haven't personally tried them yet but I tried the Bvlgari Omnia which was too musky for me. :/ 

That's all people. Got to sleep, never slept yesterday night. Assignments, ugh.


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