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Saturday, July 14, 2012

I dip dyed my hair!

I think most of us knew that dip dye is the trend for this season. 
FYI, if you decided to dip dye your hair, you also must consider to face the consequences that your hair will very dry and damaging after you dip dyed your hair
Not I say I don't warn you ahh (some more I bold the words lol). As for me,perfectionist, that I really love my hair which is having a curly and soft hair (not so soft but healthy), I've decided to try something new since I'm having this hairstyle for the past 4 years as the matter fact. :O
 On the bleaching stage...the smell is very pungent. OMG seriously.  
The first bleach outcome was very yellowish blonde and I've decided not to continue as I can maintain my hair not to be so damaging.

I've finally decided to choose PINK for dip dye. 
TADAAAAAAAA! This is how my hair looks like after dye-ing pink onto my ends. Very satisfied result! :)
 Closer view for my pink hair.
You will be wondering why my pink hair is slightly darker pink, right? Because I bleached only once that's why the result is dark pink. In order to get the super pink that you desire, must bleach in a least of 3 times, BUT depending of your hair which can absorb the bleach more faster. The pink hair in colour chart supposed to be like this, if you bleach your hair to the maximum! (bleach till white blonde)
My au natural face. LOL
 I did fruity spa treatment for my hair that will make my hair more moisture and less damaging and also my hair smells like tropical fruits! Smell yummy! :)
Where I did? 
Of course, Hair Now Beauty Centre
If you haven't read my previous post about this salon, click here.
Like their facebook page! 

Do not hesitate to give a call about any information about hair styling!
Min. 3 days prior booking required. Bookings subject to availability because they are really busy almost everyday!

Call this number: 03-91302611

Tue – Sun: 10am – 7pm (including certain public holidays) 

34, Jalan Manis, Taman Segar,

56100 Cheras, 

Kuala Lumpur.

I'm getting very excited for tomorrow's beach party! Gonna be lotsaaa fun! 
WHO'S GOING?  Comment below! :) 
Don't forget to bring shades & sunscreen lotion too! 
I will see you tomorrow, girls!



  1. Great effect :) I'm following you now :)

  2. hey gal...great pinkish!
    im comin next sat around 1pm rit?

  3. When is my turnnn? I jelly ahh!

  4. i feel that ur face, is more suitable with totally black hair.

  5. blackberryfashion: Thanks :)

    Chowchow7: yup see you! :)

    Carol: just contact me for booking :D

    Garfield: hmmm but I like something different hehe :P

  6. hi there!:) hw does it cost for the dip dye? hope to hear from u soon! :)



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