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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Freebies of the week #7 - Female Magazine July Issue

Hello! I'm back for more freebiesssss! TEEHEE. I was collecting the freebies to made it into a post and so I made it! Most of the freebies I collected was all from Female Magazine! I guess some people knew about it unless you already subscribe the magazine or brought this month's magazine. Anyways, let's get started! :)
After you brought July issue Female Magazine, you will have:

  1. Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum sample 2ml
  2. Decleor Paris Shine Control Oxygenating fluid sample
  3. A packet of Horlicks 3 in 1 Oats Fibre

#1 Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum 2ml sample
Another free sample fragrance for my collection! HEHE This time is Jimmy Choo with it's creative design on the front with pink snake skin.  
The fragrance smells really fruity and yummy too! I did put on them once and it last quite long. I will only review on the sample fragrance because I don't think is necessary to review the other two right? 

I've read the whole magazine and some brands we can approach to the counter or the store to get the samples and tadaaa! I got them! I got most of them except the 2 sample fragrance that is Burberry Body Fragrance and Bvlgari Fragrance. I went there on the 1st of July and the staff said that the sample are not arrived yet and he asked me to give me my contact details in case the sample will be arriving soon by this week or next week but I'm still entitled to get the samples, so yay! 

#1 Chanel Perfection Lumiere SPT 10 Foundation sample
Actually this wasn't from the magazine but I got them by just look around Chanel counter at Isetan,The Gardens and the promoter introduce me the foundation and I just randomly ask if I can get the sample to try on if the foundation is suitable for my skin or not and he just went to the drawers and he gave me the sample! :O
The sample was well packaged with black plastic and I opened I got a tube of foundation sample. The package gave a very classy and luxury appearance. 
I was given 20 Beige which was suitable for my skin color.

#2 RMK 5-day foundation kit set sample
I got them from Isetan at The Gardens. I just approached to the promoter in RMK and she gave me the sample kit. I was given a card attached with the samples and there's another voucher of getting cleansing oil sample and she asked me politely if I want get that as well, of course I said yes. The malay promoter was very bubbly and friendly too. Yay to her. :) 
5 day foundation and RMK Cleansing oil. 
Not only that,they also include the make up base together with the liquid foundation. So it's for me to try because I never purchase any make up base because I don't think is necessarily. >< 
I was given 103 shade that was suitable for my skin color.

#3 DiorSnow BB Creme 5ml sample
I was bringing the magazine when I'm taking most of the samples to show them for evidence LOL. I went to Metrojaya and approach to Dior counter and showed the promoter the flyer and she just straight away she gave me the sample. OMG I got so many BB / foundation samples that I don't need to buy LOL.

#4 Clarins Shaping Facial Lift and Bi-serum Intensif
This wasn't from magazine also but Clarins was having a roadshow at the Center Court, Mid Valley and I was just passing by and a girl approached to me about the product and I was so random and said, " I thought this brand is for elderly people?" LOLOLOL FML OH GOD WHY I SAID THAT. 
Of course she said no but she showed me some products that was suitable for my skin and she gave me some sample and filled a form under her request. She was very friendly :)

#5 Astalift Whitening Essence 
The first freebie I went to at Aeon at Mid Valley and I show the promoter and she give me a very long talk/lecutre about the products especially the Jelly Asta which was amazingly good as she said. But she was very friendly and approachable and she gave me some samples to try and also for my mum. She really convince me to buy plus she gave me her number too :) And I left quite a while and suddenly I got a phone call from her again and she teached how to use the essence or something which I wasn't concentrate on her but other thing while I was at Mid Valley. Sorry! ><

#4 Laneige 3-pc water bank samples
I printed from the email by just filling up a simple registration form at Laneige Facebook App.
The sample are in packets. 

#5 Five-day kit of StriVectin-WH Photo White Booster Serum
I went to the StriVectin counter in Isetan, The Gardens. I showed her the flyer on the magazine and she just promptly take the little container out and took the actual product and squeezed the serum into the container. LOL There you go, 5 day kit serum...

#6 Loccitane Gift Set X Female Magazine
It was from Loccitane booklet in Female magazine and behind the booklet, there's a cut out where you can reedem their latest product in Loccitane. So I went to Mid Valley around 10am at the first of July and I was the first 3 to get the gift set and they require me to fill in the details. When I was about to leave more and more people are lining up for the free gift. 0.0 
The gift set has 2 packet sample of Creme Allegee Shaping Delight and a bottle of Huile De Douche Shower Oil.

That's all for today and I hope you enjoyed my post! :)
It was a looooooooooong post with so much freebies! 



  1. Love your blog hun!! Just followed.
    Thank you reading mine and commenting, hope you can follow me back too :D

    Niki xx

  2. Wow! You very rajin to go around collecting sample and freebies, lol. :D
    I really want to try the Dior BB cream. u_u Wonder if they still have samples to give out.

  3. Wow u got so many freebies to try out! Good for you!!

  4. Nicola: sure! :) thanks for following!

    Laura: Hopefully they still can give you coz when she open the drawer, they were tons of BB samples!

    saltvinegar: Yeah! My happiest moment XD



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