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Friday, July 13, 2012

Freebies from my letterbox #2 & I won something!

Hello! It's been awhile I didn't update my blog due to assignments! (DAMN YOU I HATE YOU) 
So I will be continuing more freebies but usually post some freebies from my doorstep and just slotting into the freebies of the week. So yeah, continuously I received quite few of them. :) So let's get started! 

#1 Libresse Samples
 They came into a very colorful box which is very eye-catching and looks like there's tons of freebies! 
What is inside?

  1. Tons of samples
  2. Top Secret flyer - which is about the samples
  3. A thank you letter from Libresse

#2 O'slee samples

I wasn't expecting much about this sample cause it didn't arrive for around 3 weeks plus. Only the fourth week, it finally appear on my letterbox. LOL
 What I got was:

  1. A leaflet
  2. Oslee Rosehip Beauty Solution sample
  3. Oslee Rosehip Peeling Gel sample
  4. Oslee UV Cut Medi SPF 30 sample
  5. Oslee Aqua Medi sample

 #3 Carefree Pink Daisy sample
 I just received the letter today and it came with a big size letter and opened them cause the letter was kinda thin. It came out with a apology letter about the sample which is out of stock, so they replace their Limited Edition Carefree PINK non-woven bag. Which is I think like a recycle bag. LOL
Anyways, a least they did give me something.Good for them! 

I'm finally done with the freebies and I wanted to show you something that I won. :)

Last two months, I saw a post posted by Topshop Malaysia about the contest where you submit any pictures of yourself or any favourite style icon for this season and the best submissions will get TOPSHOP Unique Disposable Camera. So, I gave it a try. And one fine night I checked my mail and saw an unknown email and they said I won the camera! Of course, I was pretty excited! HEHE 
 Without any hesitation, I went to Topshop Mid Valley to claim my camera. And there you go, Unique Disposable Camera! Maybe, some of you might think it's not really a big deal but for me it is! Anything is free or any prizes is still a reward for me! I love cameras too! HEHE
 It came with a nice black camera pouch and the camera was very unique and nice too! 

That's all for tonight! 

More to reveal soon! :)



  1. Wow, the TopShop camera is really cute! :D Congrats! ^^

  2. I love ur freebies post and I can feel ur excitement winning the camera! It's a pretty good win! Is it a film camera or digital?

  3. saltvinger: nope sadly, it's film :( and disposable LOL



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