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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Belated-Duo X mini sponsor!

Hello people! I really excited about this parcel I have received last week noon before I head to my afternoon class. I've purchase some nice stuff from Belated-Duo and it's really affordable and pretty too! :)
What I have ordered was Murua Tattoo set which is really chio! I have been eye-ing around and I haven't seen any blogshops selling this tattoo but I did seen Chanel tattoo which is really pretty with nice details but it's too pricey for me unless anyone willing to sponsor for me wtf LOL and I finally found them! The owner of the shop did mentioned that the tattoo wasn't authentic but it was great try to try it on without burning your pocket. :)

Plus, I brought two sets of spike bracelets which is really really nice especially for matching other bracelets and it's not really expensive and I was acknowledged that the bracelets are from Forever 21. That's awesome but why I didn't see any of them in stores T-T But I'm pretty sure that if the spike bracelets are sold in Forever 21, the price would be higher. 
It's so pretty isn't? 
I match them with my 2 gold rusted bracelets with a heart on it and a pink & gold bracelet together with my Miu Miu pink St.Cocco Lux Geranio bracelet! 
It matches with any bracelets or armcandy bracelets which is trending for this summer season! :) FYI, the bracelets are stretchable! 

Murua tattoo! It's really nice in packaging when I got them and I was so impatient and I open it and see what are designs! I know you see a spelling error on the picture since it's not authentic. The price of the tattoo is RM22 per set which is pretty affordable enough rather than paying higher price which is RM80 for authentic (as what the owner told)
 The designs are really awesome and cool to wear it like a real tattoo! So ladies out there, who wanted to get inked but don't want to resist the pain, and well, this is for you girls! 
I tried some designs to try it onto my skin and it's really easy to wear too! :)
           Cross tattoo which I saw lotsa girls put on their second finger so I tried them and it's so cool! 
Another I made was Love word tattoo which is pretty nice for my wrist and I didn't put much cause I wanna keep it for the last, for special occasions or maybe outings :)) Here's some pictures of famous people or anyone who wear Murua tattoo! :)

 I love this picture alot where she temporary inked above her chest which is pretty cool and also if you notice the right side, you notice the chain-like tattoo which I love them!

I was chatting with the owner and we did get quite along and I told her that I'm a blogger and she checked through my blog and by surprise she sponsor me some stuff for helping her doing some advertorial for her blogshop and of course, I didn't reject her. :)
She gave a cube ring which is really cool and something that I have never seen before! She gave me was silver cube ring and I love it so much and it feels futuristic in my opinion. FYI, she's currently selling this too! 

Another one she gave me was a pair of pink thunder earrings and it's so cool! I can match with my neon outfits! Thank you, Belated-Duo! :)
I've picked some really nice stuff to show you that I really like and perhaps planning to purchase them in the future! (ps: I love the Celine bag!)
By the way, the purpose for her (the owner) to sell these awesome stuff is because she really like them and decided to share with other girls who loves too and secondly, her things are most probably not sold or rarely sold in any other blogshops.
What I like about this shop is, they wrapped each and every item that you have purchased them in order to get any scratches or avoid them for damaging! 
 Do check out Belated-Duo


  1. I like the MURUA temp tattoo, and those neon pink earrings! :D Gonna go check out their stuff now, haha XD

  2. wow niceee. but i saw someone use tattoo to make as a ring on the finger! quite cool too!

  3. Gorgeous tats! Imma definitely gonna browse their stuff.. Love tht it's jap-centric!

  4. Darn niceeee! I'm gonna get some :D

  5. Love all the tatoo images, so nice!
    And great blog here, wanna follow each other? Visit my blog and let me know!

  6. omg thank you sweetiee~~ <3
    love ur ways to describe the stuffs
    and glad to hear u like the lil surprise i put inside<3

    and bloggers,here is my blog,drop by when free ya:) thank you



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