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Sunday, July 1, 2012

What can I do with Sony Cyber-shot WX100 in my daily life?

What can I do with Sony Cyber-shot WX100 in my daily life?

Here's my answer. Basically, I can't live without my phone, everywhere I go, I'll make sure that my phone is with me, always. So do, my camera. I love taking snaps with my camera because camera has more pixels than my phone that produce a more clearer and more focused on anything I took. My camera always in my handbag wherever I go. Sometimes you never know and anything can happen when you need your camera.
Sony has produced the world’s slimmest and lightest compact digital camera with a 10x optical zoom that makes my life more easier and I'm not the type who is willing to carry heavy cameras like DSLRs even though I love DSLRs. 
They have various of beautiful type of colours to choose from and OMIGOSH PINK!! Somemore it's like cotton candy pink! SO NICEEEEEE. You can even choose from cool black till steel silver!

#1 Taking pictures with friends.
I'm an outgoing person but even though I'm still under curfew (wtf I'm already 20), I'm trying my best to spend my time going out with my best friends, schoolmates and I'm always ready with my camera for lotsa snapshots! I love taking pictures because every picture is like a treasure memory in my diary. (which is my blog) I always like to keep them and sometimes when I'm bored, I will just look all my old pictures especially with my friends, and families too. With Sony Cyber-shot WX100 I can take more clearer pictures with my friends. Memories are important because you can't bring back memories but you can see your memories through pictures.
During 9 school gathering with my form 6 classmates at Sentul. - June 2012

September babies birthday party (me, Jacky, Clarie & Michelle) ; with Michelle - September 2011

Victoria Institution Chinese Language Union Holiday Trip; with May Yen & Mandy at Pulau Langkawi - Dec 2011

#2 I can't live without good food. 

Food is a essential meal for us everyday and as for me I always take pictures of delicious foods and every time I see those photos of food; I will get hungry. I AM HUNGRY NOW. It's so tempting with the color of the food and like you can almost taste them into your mouth. Macaroni & Cheese is my absolute favorite; but it's so fattening! 
Sony Cybershot-X100 can helps me to take more focus on my food with brighter and clearer image before I'm having my meal.
 I bet you're hungry too. 
Meatballs and fries with brown gravy from Ikea Restaurant, oh my yum.
 I know you want a taste of it. Right? right? Admit it, I know you want some. 

"One must eat to live, Not live to eat"

#3 Taking picture of myself
Who don't take pictures of themselves? I bet every person on this earth takes their own pictures and post them on Facebook or Instagram. Especially girls/lady/teenagers/woman. To tell you the truth, who says they are not being vain? Well,I bet everyone does just that they are shy to reveal themselves but I do!  Everyone wants to look good on cameras too, right? With Sony Cyber-shot X100 I can take more after because the autofocus is fast and reliable in all situations and the camera can snap photo after photo with barely a second's wait between them. Plus, the continuous shooting mode can capture 10 frames in a second. Therefore, I can being vain for taking 10 frames in a second to choose the best picture of myself! :)

#4 Taking pictures with my freebies! 

Yes, I can go really crazy especially with freebies! Well, it's my part of what I like to do and share what I've have collected to my blog, so that anyone who's crazy like me also can redeem too! 
Sony Cyber-shot W100 can definitively help me to take more clearer zoom of the freebies that I have collected from, so that they will know what kind of product they will be expecting to get. :)

That's what I did for my daily life with Sony Cyber-shot X100! 
Hopefully you like my post! 

FYI, I'm joining Sony Cyber-shot Blogger Festival and Contest 2012 by
Hope I'll win the beautiful camera! :) Bloggers, you can join as well! 



  1. Cameras are always a fun tool to play with. All the best. :D

  2. Hello Ken Wooi! :D Thanks!! :)



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