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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sephora haul.

Helloooooo humans! :D 
So yeah, I did a lil bit of haul at Sephora @ KLCC last week and I really excited to share what I brought that day! :)
So, let's start with the paper bag.....more like a parcel or gift package. 
 Anyways, whatever it is it was very nice 'paper bag' and kind of inconvenient for me to hold without the paper handles and the whole shopping trip was just holding like a lunch box LOL

#1 Benefit miniature "one prime day" set. 
Firstly, I love Benefit very much. Second, they are not cheap. Previously, I was very eager to try their Pore-fessional but the price wasn't as friendly as I thought. Eventually, I didn't brought. However, that day, I was just window shopping and I went to Benefit corner and I saw this miniature benefit products and I was like thisissuremustbenotcheap, but when I turn for the price tag...I was like OMGIWANTTOBUYNOW. RM30 are you kidding me?! YES, FINALLY IS MINE :D
I was super excited to try them soon! My main focus is on Pore-fessional but I had 2 more products to try; so yay! 
Cute lil benefit products. As for me, this is quite a lot cause I don't really make up much , so it's just good for me. But I'm not sure for you guys because I think it is worth to purchase them and you can try them in trial kit just incase you really like it or not.

#2 Soap & Glory : Arch De Triumph
I was finding a eyebrow pencil for myself and previously, I never really put any makeup on my brows cause I used to have those china doll fringe and they covered my forehead including my eyebrows and I don't really bother about it. So now, I decided to change my fringe hairstyle to side ways. As you can see on my photoshoot post.
The Sephora girls did recommended me some eyebrow powder kit like Urban Decay and Too Faced and it look really nice but I prefer more like on-the-go that kind of it. Plus, the eyebrow kit is not cheap. This is around RM41. Should be fine lahhh. Good thing about this is it has two ways to put on. One is the brow shaper and another was Highlighter for under your brow bone.
 Brow Shaper.

#4 Sephora White Membership Card
By the time, I decided to pay and when is my turn to pay them, they did asked me if I interested to be a member and I said, "do we need to pay membership fee?" And she said, "No, it's free." So I agreed and yeap, I'm ze member :) It more like "the more you shop more in Sephora; the more points you get."

How be a member? Easy.
All you need to do is to purchase anything from any Sephora stores and you can apply for Sephora White membership instantly, plus you must collect 250points to entitled 10%off of your next purchase!

FYI, you can purchase and use this card in Singapore too! 

Points: SG$1 = 1 point
           RM3  = 1 point

I bet you guys would this that Sephora is being unfair because of the points we get. But I suppose because of the currency from Singapore & Malaysia.

Wait! There's more! 
You will be getting free gift too from Sephora in a week after you apply their membership card! 

That's it for today, I hope you like it!
Did you apply the member card or any great deals you found in the store? 
Leave some comments below! :)



  1. Oooh nice! I didn't expect the Benefit kit to be so cheap. :D And I definitely want to apply for a membership now, ngek ngek ngek.

  2. SGD! >.< i thought you're talking about RM and i was like... i can't be that cheap =/

  3. I just got a Sephora card too cos i bought a clarisonic (expenssive stuff!).. ooh the Benefit minis sounds good! Review them if u can!

  4. LauraLeia: yessss go go xD XD paiseh paiseh hahaha

    saltvinegar: yes, i knw clarisonic so expensive!! yes will do soon! :D



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