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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review: Laniege Water Sleeping Pack_Ex

Hi! I just decided to use this product yesterday night to see what is the outcome of the product after that I got this sample for free from my review here. Firstly, before I apply them to myself I'm pretty concern about the product that it might get any negative outcome for my face especially pimples. HORRORRRRRR. I know. I became so brave and started to use them yesterday. 
The texture was gel and a little bit sticky at first and after applying onto my face; the gel absorbs into my skin and I applied my whole face including my neck and sleep till the next day.
The next day, I realized my face is a little sticky at first and after washing them and I realized my face was amazingly smoother like baby skin! wee! no side effects.....but errrr just realized there's a pimple popping out from my forehead. :( 

Overall, it was gooodddddd. My face now is as smooth as baby skin. Recommended :D

Anyone is currently using this product? Feel free to leave a comment below :)



  1. alot of advertising and buzzing ard makes me wanna buy but am not sure if it is really that good

  2. you can try their sample by applying at their facebook page



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