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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: China Glaze Nail Lacquer (Purple Panic #1008)

Recently, I love nail polish. Especially collecting lots of different types of colours that I can use for nail art, maybe. After attending the recent event organized by China Glaze Malaysia, knowing more about this nail polish is a famous brand on USA. Few weeks ago, I didn't apply anything on my nail because I always thought that applying too much can cause nail not really in good condition because of harsh chemicals they might contained. But yesterday, I just randomly eager to try China Glaze because I feel naked if I don't wear any nail colour on my nails. LOL
So, the nail lacquer I'm using is Purple Panic (Neon). I chose this among other three colours, because this colour was the most attractive and outstanding among all nail polish that I was given. You don't need to show off your nail because the colour itself will show for you. :D Seriously, the colour was superb bright and I like! ;)
After applying them on my nails...
I'm trying to show you what's look like without applying the top coat. Whats amazing about China Glaze was it gives a perfect matte finish like a smooth clay applied on your nails and also it dries really quick! :) by the way, I ain't perfect in applying nail polish on my nails! >M<
 Zoom in.... oopss, the blue nail got a scratch there! >M<
 After applying Top Coat, VOLIA! Super shinny! And even more brighter than the nail polish and my skin looks more fairer like usual! China Glaze also has a super awesome Seche Clear Base Coat that really protect your nails from turning yellow! Amazingly, I removed my prismatic colours that I had leave about 2 weeks ago and it didn't have any yellowish colour on my nails! Woah, I really have to purchase one soon! :D 

I really recommended you to try this awesome China Glaze nail polish! You can get them at Isetan KLCC & Isetan One Utama for only RM42 per bottle & Prismatic Collection for RM 46. - I love every of Prismatic collection! Every of their nail polish are free of DBP & toulene.

Any further info; you can go to China Glaze Facebook Page & China Glaze website.

Curious to know what brand I used for the turquoise and top coat? 
Pool Party by Nails TOPSHOP & Sally Hansen Dries Instantly.

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for product review. 


  1. The purple is really bright, but i like it! And the blue is nice too :D

  2. so colourfull... :)

  3. choi yen: yeap :)

    LauraLeia: Me too! I like both of them la xD



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