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Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Hairstylist.

My beautiful hairstylist is this woman; her name is Florence. She always provide the best hair style and texture for my hair. She did everything from cut, dye, and wash too! I love her so much! :) 
She isn't just my hairstylist, in fact, she is my mom. From her tummy till now. :) Taking care of me from top to bottom! She's also very supportive and encouraging too! She's my best friend and my enemy! (HAHA JOKING LOL) I mean sometimes we have tough times too, right? 
 Taken during her birthday at home :)

The best part is she is always concerned about every one of her customer's hair; what they want and what they need; in order to make sure she provides the best for her customers! Including me! (I am a fussy customer LOL xD)

I'll briefly let you know about her career history.

Before she was a hairstylist, she was an accounts clerk because she loved calculating. In the long period of time, she eventually realized that her job was too boring (that's what she told me). She preferred something more practical and can be more active when she's working (not so dull like office work). Having 4 sisters and 3 of them are hairstylist; she was the only white collar together with another younger sister. Eventually, she went to one of her sister's saloon and learned some basics and soon she entered to Kimarie Salons and Academy at Singapore for around a year plus for 4 months in training and eventually after she graduated & she become a coach or a teacher for Kimarie Academy for a year. She began to be more interested in depth about hairstyling and did some courses on make-up & facial too! Soon, she decided to go to London to pursue her skills more in Vidal Sassoon Academy, Toni & Guys Academy and Morris Academy of Hair Design. She was also rewarded with a few certificates from professional hairstylists in London! She was in UK for several years. (fyi, I wasn't born yet, lol) 

Soon, she came back to Malaysia because of marriage and decided to open a hair saloon in Kuala Lumpur in partnership with her elder sister in 1984 at Cheras. They named their shop Hair Now Beauty Center and it was first established at one of the shop lots nearby Leisure Mall. Soon, her sister retired and my mum took over the place. From 1984 till now Hair Now Beauty Center or called as Hair Now De Saloon has been existing for 28 years! ( and counting ;) )

I've always loved my mum's magic hands! She does her job amazingly well! She often never failed me when it comes to hair styling. Today, she had just done ombre on one of her satisfied customer; and the result was so good! 

 I can show you a picture of my mum's saloon! 
 Every products she use in her salon is the one and only L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL products! 
Some inspirations on dip dying and ombre. Do note that ombre and dip dying are totally different - so don't get confused! 

What is Ombre?
The word Ombre is a French word for shading or graduating. Hair stylists have coined this terminology to describe a color technique that they have been using in the salon. If you need a visual, think of dark hair at the scalp and lighter on the ends. Usually the color blends from dark to light with no harsh transition line. It's more long lasting and usually it doesn't really fade much.

What is Dip-dyed Hair? 
Dip dyed is basically only dye on your ends for any bright colours or contrast colour that looks very eye-catching. Now this is one of the trends for this season especially for summer! For dip dyed hair, it can lasts for only 2 weeks. So usually it will fade into very light colour and sometimes it also brings very cotton candy-like when it started to fade; depending on which colour.

This is dip-dye.
This is Ombre.

Now here's a great deal for bloggers out there! 
I wish to invite 10 bloggers to come to Hair Now De Saloon for a trial! 
The salon will be sponsoring these 10 peeps 70% of the price of whatever you want to do in Hair Now Beauty Center. Indeed, these 10 bloggers will only have to pay 30% of the price.
*T&C apply
First come first serve. 
Plus, do like Hair Now Beauty Center facebook page.

FYI, we will be sponsoring you only on dip dye, Ombre or whole head colour.
(Hint: I might extend it to more bloggers if lots of people are interested)
** Min. 3 days prior booking required. Bookings subject to availability.

Finally, after you've did your hair at Hair Now De Saloon, you're required to make a blog review about Hair Now De Saloon.
That's it, it's so easy! :)

Tue – Sun: 10am – 7pm (including certain public holidays)

34, Jalan Manis, Taman Segar, 56100 Cheras. Kuala Lumpur.

Anyone who is interested can email me at
Visit Hair Now Beauty Center for more details.



  1. Nice hehe..may I ask if dip hair after discount is how much?

    Sherrygo at hotmail dot com

  2. No kidding I want ombré..hmm..unsure how much cot after discount

  3. Your mom seems like one cool and young at heart Mom~

    That's a good intro of ur mom's saloon. BTW, I personally think it would be good if you could provide the rate of the hair beauty service.

    Cos normally my friends and I wont enter a saloon if we're not sure of the price ;)

    Till then~

  4. hahaha aiyoooo. guys can ar? =p

  5. I just wish you had a branch here in Sabah :)

  6. Wow! I've always wanted to try ombre hair! <3 I would love the opportunity to get my hair done at your mum's saloon. ^^

    Name: Laura

  7. Oops, forgot to add that I've already sent you an email. :D Hoping for your reply! ^^

  8. Hi there! Do you have more pictures of your mom's creation for dip dye? I'd love to try but i only have black hair =/

    I used to live in Tmn segar for many many years too ^^

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. you know, usually I am very skeptical of saloon run by aunties...I've already kena so many times that I would never step my foot in again.

    But hey! Let's try this out! :)

    *raise hand*

  11. AHH! I wanna do Ombre Hair too! :3

  12. Your mom has such an interesting story! it's great that she's providing a discount and the hair looks fantastic : )

  13. Sherry: Email me ya

    Esoteric-X: i will tell them the price in email :)

    Henry: cannnn if you dare xD

    Siti: Me too! :)

    Forsakeangel: for now we dont have thats why we are searching for people to do dip dye :)

    Lexi: Thanks for sharing about me!!! :)

  14. thank you for sharing & enclosed my detail:

    Name: adriene wong

  15. Hi, may I know the address and contact no of your mom salon and how much is it for ombre and hair colouring? I intend to colour my hair sometimes next week. thanks! my email address is

  16. Hi, may I know the address and contact no of your mom salon and how much is it for ombre and hair colouring? I intend to colour my hair sometimes next week. thanks! my email address is

  17. wow youre so cute, but would you like to try this short hairstyles for thick hair ?



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