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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Movie Review: Brave

Hello! I just watched the upcoming movie today; Brave by Disney Pixar. Malaysia cinemas will be coming on 28th June 2012, which is next thursday. I was very lucky that I able to get the free pair of movie tickets because the poster seems attractive, I haven't even watched the trailer yet. Thanks to Seventeen Malaysia
I brought Alvin to watch the movie with me and we head to Midvalley around 8.40am at first because I was giving higher chances of getting that B.liv giveaway which I was so upset that I did get in every 3 consecutive days because it only entitles for 10 first people! Sadly, there were more than 10 people started to line up at the B.liv store which is  opposite to Sasa. Time is ticking and the B.liv staff taking their sweet time to clean the whole place and while a group of people waiting for the giveaway & I gave up because by the time they give the giveaway would be 9.40am or 10am & you might not getting if you're not the 10 people. I need to go to Tropicana City Mall by 9.30am for redemption to watch the movie. It starts around 10.30am. 
Plot of the movie (ignore if you're planning to watch them)
In the Scottish kingdom of DunBroch, King Fergus presents his young daughter, Merida, with a bow and arrow for her birthday, to the discomfort of her mother, Queen Elinor. During their outing, a giant bear, Mor'du, attacks the family, with Fergus fighting off the bear while Elinor and Merida escape.
Years later, Queen Elinor, who has since given birth to three identical boys, strives to educate Merida in the ways of the court, while she prefers to practice her archery and explore the kingdom on her horse, Angus. By tradition, the Lords Macintosh, MacGuffin, and Dingwall present their first-born sons to compete for Merida's hand, a practice Merida feels is unfair to her. As is her right, Merida chooses an archery challenge to determine her suitor. Lord Dingwall's son wins by accident, but then Merida enters herself as first-born of DunBroch and proceeds to out-shoot the three suitors, enraging Queen Elinor. As the two argue, Merida tears a sewn tapestry depicting the family and Elinor throws Merida's bow into a fireplace, with Merida fleeing the castle in tears.
While in the forest, Merida encounters a trail of Will O' the Wisps that lead her to a witch's hut. Merida bargains with the witch for a spell that will change her mother's mind and thus Merida's fate. The witch conjures a tart for Merida to give to her mother. Back in DunBroch, Elinor eats the tart and begins to feel sick. Merida takes Elinor up to her room, where Elinor falls off her bed and transforms into a bear. With the help of the triplets, Merida and Elinor sneak out of the castle past Fergus and the celebrating clans. The pair return to the witch's cottage, where they find a message left for Merida: the spell will be permanent unless undone by the second sunrise. The witch leaves Merida a riddle, mentioning that a bond must be repaired.
In the morning, Merida teaches Elinor how to catch fish, and the two begin to re-connect. They are led by more wisps to the ruins of an old castle. In the throne room, Merida finds a damaged stone engraving with three brothers; a fourth brother had been cut off, just like how Merida had cut her mother off of the tapestry. Merida realizes that the curse had happened before, that the wayward brother was transformed into Mor'du, and Elinor will lose all traces of her humanity and become just like Mor'du if they don't break the spell. They travel back to DunBroch to sew the family tapestry back together. To distract Fergus and the lords, who are on the verge of war wanting to know which suitor Merida has chosen, Merida brings the four factions back together and states that the sons can choose their own brides. However, when Fergus goes to their bedroom and finds Elinor's ripped clothes and broken bed, he believes Elinor has been murdered. He bursts into the tapestry room where he finds Merida and Elinor as a bear. Elinor attacks Fergus, and after realizing she's harmed both Merida and Fergus, Elinor retreats.
Merida tries to convince Fergus that the bear is Elinor, but Fergus locks her in the tapestry room and sets off with the lords to capture the bear, believing it attacked and killed Elinor. Merida is freed with the help of her brothers, who have turned into cubs after eating the same tart, and the four follow wisps to where Fergus has captured Elinor. Merida defends Elinor by fighting off Fergus, but then Mor'du appears and attacks the party. When the bear lunges for Merida, Elinor breaks free of the ropes and comes to her rescue. Elinor battles Mor'du and tricks him into attacking a weakened stone pillar, which eventually collapses onto and kills Mor'du. The group sees a wisp emerge from Mor'du's body, which reveals the human form of the fourth brother, his spirit now freed from the curse. He then flies away to join the other wisps. Merida puts the repaired tapestry on top of her wounded mother. When the sun fully rises, Elinor and her sons revert to human form. The kingdoms, having rekindled their own bonds, go their separate ways. Merida and Elinor ride their horses around Scotland, their friendship stronger. after the credits we see the castle guard being delivered all the wood carvings Merida purchased from the witch by the witch's crow

I reached there around 10.30am and the Seventeen Crew are not there yet, so after 10 mins less they finally reached and gave us our movie tickets plus she gave me the Seventeen Girl Crew goodie that I didn't pick up from their head office. I requested them to pass it to me during the movie screening and they did! How nice of them! :)
 What I got was:

  • A Seventeen Girl Crew T-shirt
  • Juice Works Gift Certificate of RM10
  • Seventeen Girl Crew Membership Card
  • A bag from Seventeen

My rating : 8/10

My view: 
I really like this movie so much and basically the moral of the story shows that we should appreciate what we have now and don't be too selfish on your own decisions. It's more like a mother and daughter movie where the ending part of the movie I did cried because it's so sad and also touching on the other hand. This movie should be shown during mother's day. HAHA (my opinon) 

After the movie, we went to KLCC and I quickly went to Parkson to reedem Clinique's 100,000 Fans Facebook Treats. I showed mCoupon that I received from Clinique that before this I registered online form.  What I got was repairwear lift SPT 15 ; 7ml. It's a huge freebie even though it's not a actual product.

From 21st - 30th June, receive a FREE treat when you visit their counter nationwide. With purchase of RM150 and more, another FREE 3 pieces treat is yours! 
Link :
Go get yours before the date ends! 

My outfit of the day; for casual day out movie.
Ripped Shorts: Cotton On
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Fred Perry 

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  1. Good review of a good story, i must definitely go watch it, tx :)



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