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Monday, June 18, 2012

Freebies for the week #6

Last week I've made a stupidest mistake I have ever done. My address was revealed, I didn't even noticed until I saw today. How to stupid am I T-T Anyways, now I have to be extra aware and careful about what I'm posting especially on a open public blog . :(  I think some already knew where I live right now. lol. Fml.  

Okay, back to the topic for this week's freebies. So I was quite delighted to see lots of envelopes coming into my mail box everyday because I was expecting that they wont be delivering to me letter box anymore cause it's so long ago. Let's get started! 

 Items I'm gotten this week! 

#1 Kotex pad sample
 I don't think I want to talk about this cause it's only for females :) And the samples are closed anyways.

#2 LipIce Sheer Color Sample 
 Link :

 I'm very excited to try them soon! :)

#3 Hada Labo: Delivering Free Moisturizing Lotion to your doorstep

I was excited that free parcels was sent to my house I never expected I got 2 samples of Hada Labo maybe they got mistaken that they haven't send the sample yet. So, it's good for travel size for me whenever I'm going anywhere. By the way, I'm currently using this product and I'm loving it. 
Miniature size of Hada Labo. Comparing the original size of the lotion.
They also included in a card together with the sample and also a thank you letter for appreciation for the product. 

# 4 Calvin Klein ; Beauty Fragrance sample
I got this information while I was reading Star Newspaper and randomly flipped through the pages and I saw Calvin Klein advertisement about the latest fragrance called Eternity Summer for men and women. On the corner of the page I saw this little corner that says, free sample by filling up the form and head to Mid Valley on LG Center Court if I'm not mistaken it's only until 17 May on Mid Valley and followed by Parkson KLCC and Sogo KL in different dates; you can check out the dates below.

Mid Valley LGCC : 11 - 17 June 2012
Parkson KLCC     : 12- 18 June 2012
Sogo KL             : 26 June - 2 July 2012
The fragrance is so nice with floral but very strong scent.
The advertisement page that I found on Star 2. 

These are the freebies I currently received this week. Till then! 

Oh ya btw, I changed my blog header! :D 
Nice or not? Comment on the post below for commenting about my new blog header! 



  1. Oppsss. Be careful next time when putting up picture of the parcel :)

  2. I stop requesting for samples as it's getting too much for me :). Ahhh I miss the fun of it.

  3. love the freebie product so much... :)

  4. hahaha super cute! and i just realized in this post u said can comment abt ur new header photo. =p
    cause the last time i visit i thought girl stuff so i didnt comment. =p

  5. fiona: I love receiving them give me a sense of satisfaction :D

    Henry: -.- fine I'm girly hahahaha



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