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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Freebies for the week #5

Today is freebies for the week! :)
I will be doing reviews and freebies that I got for this week! This week wasn't much as the previous one but still, I really excited to share to you guyss! TEEHEE. Let's get started!

#1 Essentialnutri DailyVegge: Free Sample Giveaway 

I had register for the freebie quite a while and I go them last week and my grandma found this letter on letterbox and she thought that someone invited me to some wedding dinner haha xD
They gave a sample of D'tox Cleanse & Rejuvenate and some leaflets about the product.

Comment: So far my comment was just OKAY. Cause I can't judge about food product.

#2 Clinique exchange program 
Link :
Exchange your current mascara for a 3-week supply of allergy tested, fragrance free Clinique mascara of your choice
From 4-17 June 2012
And I got them from Metrojaya Mid Valley and I exchange with my mum's old mascara and I got Lash Power Mascara :) 
The size?
I use Maybelline mascara to compare with the free mascara I got. So yeah, It's kinda small and I think is good enough. :) Go get them and while stock last!

# 3 Shu Uemura: Free Makeover and Gloss Unlimited Mini WN 283S Giveaway
Be the first 300 customers who present this voucher and finish a makeover for the Glitter Eye Collection to receive a complimentary Gloss Unlimited Mini WN 283S
*Please call to make appointment*

I called for appointment at Mid Valley again this Monday around 12 noon and I got my makeup from a male makeup artist by using their latest Glitter Eye collection look that is so nice! :) btw, they didn't apply any foundation on my face that's why you can see my dark circles. :/
Taken from my iPhone front camera, sorry for the blurness. @.@
The size of the lip gloss is almost the same as Clinique mascara but a little taller. 

Comment: Their service was good giving makeup with nice glitters on it and he was really friendly too. And when they gave the lip gloss and first, I was pretty concern about the lip colour, I don't really like the colour but at least it was free and I can get another colour for my collection :)

#3 Malaysia Tatler June Issue 2012 X L'occitane En Provence 
This edition only you can get at Kinokuniya KLCC. The price for this book is RM15 as usual.
I got a gift set of L'occitane products and I was the last two. Cause someone brought so many of them :P i think you know who.
Nice packaging exactly like the paper bag.
Inside the box...
Nice goodies! Travel size shampoo and conditioner plus a Shea Butter soap! 
What I was pretty worried is this the expiry date they had stated under the bottles, I'm not sure about the soap.
Should I ignore it or really have to use it up before the expiry? 

Comment: This was a huge freebie and I was really happy about it and what worries me is the expiry date. But I think the majority will be ignoring about this, i guess.

Anyone who purchase this and got the free gift set please advise me should I ignore the expiry date or use before the expiry ends? 
Leave a comment below. 



  1. WAAAAHH I didn't notice the Loccitane offer with Tatler when i was in Kino last week! T___T
    The mascara looks good though. Have you tried it yet? :D I want to go exchange but scared no more le. >_<

  2. Yeah stil left a few only :) and btw the mascara is good! :3 I will be doing the review soon! :D and as I heard mid valley already no stock :(

  3. I'm in JB now so no chance to go check the loccitane offer out. I've used the trial size shampoo and conditioner before. Very fragrant. Just use it la. It's tiny and u can use it up quite fast. If u keep it too long after expiry worried that the scent might get a bit funny

  4. Thanks for the info :D saltvinger!

  5. Most of my blogger friends bought 15-20 copies too.

    Just use only. 1 bottle only last me 1 week+ LOL. I'm on second set now. Minus the soap of course.



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