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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Featured in Lexi Minty Fresh's blog!

I think some of you guys knew about it when I posted this on my Facebook.Which I've never expected to happen. Some would think it wasn't a big deal but for me, it is! I mean I've never expected to get blogged about me,aku,saya,myself,我 especially in USA? I was quite excited for that moment I saw the post from her blog. First of all, I would like to give a huge thanks on Lexi Minty Fresh who blogged about me and my interview. :) It was just a random answer, if it really was meant to be featured, I would have answer more than just few sentences and some random answers wtf. 
Basically, Lexi was from USA and she's a beauty blogger which did tons of reviews on cosmetics and got sponsored too! She's really friendly and bubbly too! 

Thanks Lexi! :D

Ps: stay tuned for more upcoming freebies next week! I'm delaying my freebies of the week to next week then you can see tons of freebies with more infos! 



  1. Cool! :D I like the part about not being as famous as superstars but famous enough to get sponsors and stuff, haha! I also want~ XD



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