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Sunday, June 3, 2012

China Glaze / Seche Malaysia Blogger Launch Event

Last month, I saw one of Fiona's blog post about having a blogger gathering for China Glaze Malaysia. You can read this post here. So, I was very interested and eager to attend the event and one fine day, Fiona emailed me and I was super excited that I got invited to China Glaze Blogger Launch Event. It was my first time attending this kind of event.

I was still at home helping my mum doing some stuff and I look at the clock and it's already 11.30am! I was so scared that I was VERY LATE for the event and I quickly called Marsha who is Senior Marketing Executive of China Glaze. Thankfully, she said I still can come for the event; so I was so in a rush and speed all the way to Isetan, KlCC for the launch event.
By the time I reach there was already 12 noon and all the bloggers was there too. I was ushered by Marsha by giving me a card for FREE basic manicure and a goodie bag and she briefly explained about this product that China Glaze (which I heard my cousin from USA kept talking about this brand) By the word, CHINA glaze; majority thought that this brand originality from China. BUT, NOPE. it's originally from USA and it was a very famous brand at there too.
Various of colours available provided.
By the way, The word China Glaze was named because the name, "China Clay" were included in nail polish as a nail hardener and gives a total shine on your nail. I know you don't know about it. HEHE
My eyes was totally focused on this new product which is coming out this June 2012; it's this summer latest limited edition Prismatic nail polish collection! The nail polish was so glittery and shinny that really attract my eyes!
Their reception for the China Glaze Blogger Launch Event.
To let you know, when I reached the event I rummaged my bag and I discovered my camera wasn't at my bag! T-T total bad luck and kept FML in my head. But I tried to take pictures from my iPhone and taken some pictures from Street Love
All the blogger was so happy getting their free manicures!
During the event, I was very shy to approach any of the bloggers except Fiona because I only knew Fiona. LOL Another lady who's very friendly did talked to me about the China Glaze product.
China Glaze The Hunger Games Collection.

I was the last blogger who got manicured because I'm late. I was introduced by Wendy, the lady who introduced me about China Glaze and ask me if I would like to have every type of prismatic colours on my nails and I agreed. My thumb was Optical llusion, second finger was Liquid Crystal and my middle finger was Polarized, my index finger was Ray-diant and my lady finger was painted on is Prism. The only colour wasn't on my nails was Full Spectrum. I know is funny but I love all of the colours.
China Glaze Prismatic will be available at June 2012 @ Isetan KLCC 1st Floor.

On my right hand, they painted my nails another whole different colours. They also introduced me China Glaze Magnetix that is so unique by using a piece of magnet that give a 3-D look on your nails. By just paint any of their Magnetix nail polish and place above the wet nails without touching them and leave them for few seconds. Finally, VIOLA! Your desired design is finally done. Lastly, just apply their Fast Forward Top Coat with a full finishing look.

The colour I was manicured was Pull Me Close.

Before we left the place, I chatted with Fiona a little and we took some pictures. :D
This is me with Fiona who invited me for the event.
Here's Wendy and Marsha. Wendy was the supervisor who's in charged the manicurist and sales.
Me, Marsha and Fiona.

I know all of you is excited what's inside the goodie bag! 
The goodie paper bag was so cute with polka dots with pink ribbon!!! :D

Inside the bag...
I got 4 bottles of China Glaze nail polish! So awesomeee! 
Finally a bag of Les Duex Garcons macaroons! 
Overall, I was really happy that I had a opportunity to attend this event and I want to give Fiona a HUGE THANKS to her for inviting me to China Glaze event! *hugs for you*

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