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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's on my letterbox?

Hello! :)
I will be doing another freebies review but this post is basically freebies that deliver to my doorstep! I have been subscribing lotsa lotsa it; recently I got these and some of them might be on the way, I think. If any future samples/ freebies on my letter box, I will blog another post. So let's get started! :)

#1 Kao Laurier ( for females only)
Recently, they have been selling the new design pad called Laurier Perfect Comfort and so I try to register to get the sample ; I register the sample I think around end of April (if I'm not mistaken) & I've received the samples on the beginning of May! :)
I'm not sure is it available for samples or not, you can check out their Facebook that I've given the link below.

Check out their facebook:!/kaolaurier/app_223419101099629

Can say this is my first sample I got from my letter box! I kinda like their packaging the samples and they are quite fast delivering the letter to my house.

#2 Kleneex Softness sample
I've registered request for free sample and they said for "friends". So I decided to send it to my house upon my brother's name. :P My brother was so surprised he got a parcel and once he opened; he was like wth is this. HAHAHAHA I'm tyring to nice, bro! I've been submitting quite a while if I'm not mistaken is end of April too. And I recieved on 18th May 2012 (recently)

When I opened the parcel, I got a piece of nice fancy letter with a medium size packet of tissues.
This was their latest Kleenex Vintage Soft Pack, it's very vintage with nice designs. The other three designs I've seen before in the supermarket are very nice too! :) Want free samples?  Click the link below.

Free samples:

Kleenex Facebook page:

Firstly, I was delighted about the nice cute designs and the sample were quite big. Second,I was very curious of not receiving the sample and one day I sent an email to the marketing department for Kleenex and the next day I got an unknown phone call while I was driving to university and the unknown was one of the staff from Kleenex, they are really concern and gave an effort to call! Talk about customer service! :) I was very happy about how they concern that matter and she told me that the sample will be arriving on Monday. After a week, I've not receving the parcel and I tried to email again and they said they have deliver the samples and I was like weird....and soon on the same day, the postman just came our house and I got the letter! I'm not quite sure is the company's delay or Pos. :/

#3 Brook’s: Free Coffee and Cappuccino Samples Giveaway   
I got this information for the free sample from Freebiesland (click the word and it will reach to the post) I tried to submitted around the beginning of May and I was like, I don't think I can get the sample cause it's all the way from Japan. But today, I've just received them! I was so happy!
 It's all the way Yokohama! Wow, first time receiving this parcel all the way from Japan!
 Inside the parcel there's 2 samples of Matcha cappuccino which i was very excited to try them & Brook's famous Royal Blend with their unique way of brewing the coffee.
 Their leaflet about their website and Facebook page.
Another leaflet about the pricing of the products they are selling. (Back Page)
They even teach you how to use their "drip bag" to make the coffee. (Front Page)

I have checked the due date for the sample and it's already closed for registration. If you're very interested to try you can go to their website to check it out.

Brook's Cafe website:

I like how their efficency that they deliver to your doorstep for a very short period of time! The samples are quite deluxe in terms of size and I like their way of marketing by giving samples for the consumers to try. Moreover, they even deliver the samples globally! Thanks Brook's Cafe!

To end my post, I'm being random that I just painted my nails. hehehe. I think it's called French Manicure with glitters. :B
Sorry for the ugly art nail. But I like it.
I used the same nail polish that I have posted this post on blog before.
Glitter nail polish & nude colour nail polish from Etude House.
By the way, apologize for the blur picture!


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