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Sunday, May 13, 2012

What's happening around me?

Hello people! :) It's been good ever since I started my university life in HELP university. I currently studying in BA (Hons) Business Management in UEL program. UEL stands for University of East London :) 2 week flew by and started with lectures and assignments give; not too sure will be updating frequently soon. But still, will try my best to update what's happening around me. Maybe I will annoy you (readers or bloggers) that I always talked about my life and stuff & who always blahs and not being creative of writing blog posts....but that's okay for me. :) Moreover, I'm not a person who can managed to go any events that's happening especially at night - and yeah, curfew hours from parents that's behind the story of it. I apologize if I'm a boring blogger. :)

 So yeah, back to uni life topic; well I'm now trying to adapt my habits of reading more newspapers especially on the net like The Economist or The Guardian or The Star etc etc.

Advise from lecturers: "the more you read, the more knowledge you contain." The lecturer are quite true about that. Read more to improve english and vocabulary skills and also my knowledge about business and finance that is happening around the globe. Another one; no more spoon feeding like in high school anymore. (DUH) Met lotsa nice people in my class even though there's only 9 people including and majority (around more than 20 people) in Accounting and Finance class. HAHAHAHA

#2  Last Saturday, was Wesak Day! Personally I always must attend event every year and this event is only one year once! So, I attended the annual Wesak Day Walk procession @ Brickfields. 
 Wesak day is observed as an act of paying homage to Lord Buddha. Before his death, Lord Buddha had advised his disciples not to cry over the disintegration of his physical dead body, but should continue to follow and spread his teachings. His teachings explains that only the Dhamma truth is eternal and will remain forever and ever. He stressed that offering flowers and burning incense and candles are not the only way to pay homage to him as a teacher, but must sincerely follow and practise his teachings. Hence, all Buddhist devotees vowed and strived to lead noble lives, to practise generousity, kindness and to promote peace and harmony among humanity.
This the best picture I got while I'm in the car heading back home due to max exhaustion. But it was worth going event for charity and respect of religion. 
 Source: Wonderful Malaysia
Source: google
Oh ya, I forgot to tell you what happen during the walk procession. While walking from Brickfields to Bukit Bintang and turn back from Pudu head straight back to Brickfields. The whole 3 hours of walk I was following my mum and behind of me, there's a little 5 year old boy who is omgsocute following her mum was holding the Buddha's statue for the whole procession. All of the sudden, out of nowhere some people who is quite impatient was heading further and kept pushing some people including me and I was holding my mum's hands very tight and I don't want to lose her and might got lost in the middle of millions of people behind me.By that time I was squeezed between two people and I was just putting my right arms behind my back and out of no where...someone was holding my right hand. 0.0 I was quite shocked and I was like omgwhoisthis and I look behind my back and actually was that little boy who was behind of us the whole procession. Quite surprised. So, he didn't let go my hands until the end of the journey back to Brickfields. LOLOLOLOLOL He was soooooooo adorable to the max and kept smiling at me. Y U SO CUTE? And that's about it. LOL.

#3 The freebies I got thanks to Freebiesland Malaysia who gave lotsa promos of giving lotsa samples and exchanged products and etc etc.

Recently, I got facial foam from L'oreal - that was thanks to Cleo Mag mini booklet. (I didn't got the Za lipstick yet)
A sample from Shiseido UV protector and lastly, L'occitane samples and free hand cream (I brought a Peony Shower Cream for great deal and got free the hand cream)

Got an appointment from Origins Malaysia for Free 20 minute facial and also free samples that I was very interested to try them. If you're interested with this,you can try to contact by calling for appointment for the facial.
Locate the nearest Origins to you:

Lot F-225 The Gardens Mid Valley City (03-2287 4662) 

Lot GF 87 Queensbay Mall Penang (04-641 1102) 
Isetan KLCC (03-2382 0200)
Parkson Pavilion (03-2141 5785) 
Metrojaya Mid Valley (03-2283 1003) 
Parkson 1 Utama Shopping Centre (03-7725 4588)
Isetan 1 Utama Shopping Centre (03-7722 3085)
Jusco Tebrau City Johor Bahru (07-354 4049) 
Parkson Gurney Plaza Penang (04-228 7863)
By the way, I went to Parkson at Pavilion for the free facial. 


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