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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Uniqlo Grand Opening at Mid valley!

Hello readers! Did you received this great news? I bet you did! It's on facebook, newspapers etc everywhere! I know first thing I saw is another FREE UNIQLO TOTE.
Erhm, you know Malaysians loves freebies don't they? :P
So, I got up super early and reached there around 9.30am and it's already started the lines and it's quite long! :O I really surprised! hahaha same case as Topshop FREE RM100 voucher   and worse, heard some people waited there at 6 am! INSANE. 
 My line starts here. Quite far from Uniqlo! And soon, 10am they allowed us to go in the store!
Everyone started to move in and circle with lines and on the main door will be given a tote bag by 2 celebrities; Carmen Soo and Fahrin Ahmad. Everyone went in and the medival war has just started; you know what I mean: shopping war. All females straight away grabbed all the promotion colour skinny jeans; I was watching with my eyes wide. 0.0 and a split second most of the regular sizes we wore; gone. Malaysians do love promotions!
 Taken from Uniqlo Malaysia facebook.
She's so pretty right? :)
 I went around and brought some clothes from Uniqlo before I head to my uni.
 I've brought 2 Winnie Pooh T-shirts in a very affordable price! 1 shirt for only RM24.90! :)
 I love this the most! :D
 I like their designs, they are so vintage and simple too! 
Intro about this cute fat cubby yellow bear.

Not to forget the freebie I got, 
I was given the freebie and it was a foldable tote and I was trying to unfold the bag and took me about 5 mins to figure it out...
This is the outcome! :) Simple and nice.

That's all for this post. Did you come for the grand opening? Feel free to comment if you came too! 


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