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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Roxy and Quiksilver grand opening at Mid Valley

Hi people! As I have mention in previous post that I'll be going to Roxy and Quiksilver grand opening at Midvalley and yes I really did. I want give a HUGE thanks to that person who waited from 9am till we get into the store. I know you're reading! So yeah, I came around 9.30am friend told me when he reached there and he was so shocked that no one was there and no lines whatsoever because usually any freebies will be lining up early in the morning. Like uniqlo. As far I heard some infos that the staffs came at 9.00am and people started lining up not till 100 people and when I finally there it's already more than 300 people or more.
 I know you saw some hot models there. HEHEHEHE
Roxy & Quiksilver had revamped their store into a new concept where the old ones was Roxy and Quiksilver are in different shops and now they finally made into a store where you can get 2 brands in one shop even though they are the same brand.
I was a member so I have to wait on the lines including the non-member but I realized there's VIP and VVIPs are allowed to enter the store first before the cutting ribbon session.And everyone was a little impatient because they can't let us in even at 10am and someone in one of the lines shouted, "DUDE, let us in!" I think that they are waiting for VVIPs to reach or preparing something/final touches?
I realized that little girl with white hair band was one of the little actors from the chinese local tv shows or tv series. No wonder she is so familiar.

The cutting ribbon ceremony. Finally the staff let us in around 10.30am :/ Quite late actually. And everyone was rushing in the store and we line up to get our door gifts.
 Lining up for receiving the goodie bag. *excited*
 Everyone taking the button pins and keychains. 
 DJ rapping the store.
 Finally got my goodie bag! Yippie!
 Early morning look. I'm too tired face and ugly. That's why I block my face HAHA
Later I was so rushing and after took the door gift we straight fly to 9 school event. Click the link for more info.
Got a sticker on your shirt before entering the store.

Finally I can show you the goodie bag! :D
 Ze goodie bag. The button pins I got them from the staff when I saw there's nothing left at the table when after the event I came back to Mid vValley to purchase something with RM50 voucher.
 Inside the goodie bag.

#1 Quiksilver sunglasses.
To fact, the sunglasses wasn't as nice as the normal sunglasses we saw at Quiksilver store. It's more like a 3D glasses.  Anyways, it's free right?

#2 ROXY 2012 Planner
Can say this is one of the items I love most! It stated the price tag that sold RM69.90. 

#3 Skullcandy ad card
 Just a advertisment card about the Skullcandy headphones.

#4 Mineral Water
 They even provide bottle of water just in case you're dehydrated during shopping.

Finally I used the RM50 voucher and I didn't find anything I like so I just purchased a coin purchase in RM39.90 with my RM50 voucher.

That's all peeps.
Did you went to the grand opening? Leave a comment below to share your experience. 



  1. Nice love ur sunglasses an pouch

  2. Went on sat afternoon two pm so manynppl queue no go queue

  3. I'm in love with the 6 packs dude model.. I hope he's not gay...

  4. yeah, mostly hot hunks are gay sadly... hahaha xD

  5. yeah, I saw the crowd there, but was in a rush, didn't go in.

    The pouch is nice btw. =D



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