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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review - Rimmel '1000 Kisses Transfer Proof Lip Tint

Hi people! As I promised to make a review about this product from this previous post here. So I did took an exchange at Watsons Pavilion with my mum's old lipstick with Rimmel lip tint and turns out I got the colour "120 Timeless Tango", cause that's the only shades they gave me.
My first impression was... is this a marker pen? Seriously, it really smell like it but a lil hit of strawberry but more like chemical smell to me. But, so far I was quite pleased in terms of packaging, and they way they did 2 in 1 pen with lip tint and a clear lip balm for extra moisture. Because lip tint can be very dry for your lips. It can be very convenient whenever you're in a rush for any occasions.

There's two-step application takes seconds:
Step one: the precision pen-tip delivers mistake-free colour
Step two: the caring balm seals the deal giving extra moisturising comfort 

Firstly, I will show you from my nude lips to red sexy lips after applying the lip tint.
 Nope, I never apply a single lip balm; clean and clear. And dry too. oopss.
This is how the colour looks like my skin. As you can see the colour did smeared out a little bit and that would be a problem when applying my lips. Will it be different than this? We shall see.
I'm apply them by drawing the outline of the lip before I filling the rest of my lips and I try apply not too out of the lips cause it will smear, that I've said just now. FYI, after you apply the outline of the lips (before it dries up) you can use your fingers to smudge or  the lines if you don't want too red for your lips and it will turn out to be more pinkish shade. 

After applying my full lips, it turns out to be like this.
But in this photo it looks like dark pink right? But in reality it look very red like blood. But felt a little dry on my lips. But seriously, they are really well-pigmented like don't feel you're applying any lip applicators and very comfortable for wear on them. Finally, I added the clear lip balm to moisture my lips.
Tadaa! Full glossy lips. Just like applying a lip gloss! it's sooooo glossy. I've wore them before this and it lasted quite a few hours even after eating and drinking but it did smudged a little but somehow it still lasted until I got home and remove them.

But before I got the lip tint, I saw on Facebook where some customers who have tried the lip tint; complained about the lip tint pen dries up really quickly after applying them few times. Not one but few of them. So far, I haven't encounter this problem but maybe soon? I'm not too sure. Hopefully it won't dries that fast. 

Overall in my view, this product is worth-trying because I like the shade, the glossiness of applying lip balm and most of all, it long last for hours! That's great right? The price are pretty affordable especially they're selling at drugstores.

Have you tried them? What was your comment about this product? Anything related,do leave some comments below! :)
That's all for this review! Till then!



  1. i cannot tahan chemical smells no matter how nice the lippie is.. so i guess i'll have to pass on this

  2. hahahaha alright but when you put on it doesn't smell :)

  3. Wow pretty color and sexy lips

  4. I also went for the exchange, but in KLCC. The colour looks really nice on you. :)
    I think the lip balm at the other end isn't moisturizing enough though. Tends to dry out my lips in less than 1 hour. >_<

  5. yes you're right >.< kept putting on lip balm every hour!

  6. It looks one one from the NYX too,nice review doll ;)



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