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Monday, May 28, 2012

Pixie Lott Young Foolish Happy Tour 2012 @ KL Live

Hey guys! Did you went to Pixie Lott Young Foolish Happy Tour Showcase? But I did. I think the whole KL knows that Pixie Lott is at KL! YEAHHHHH. Pixie Lott is a hot British singer who's only 21 years old! Doesn't look like 21, right? 
 A huge thanks to my friend who got the tickets for me and 5 tickets some more! I was so excited about it! But he did warned me about the ticket does not guarantee if I got in. So yeah, I reached around 7pm due to massive traffic jams and whatsoever and we made it and the whole place is like jam pack with lotsa people lining up till the end of the staircase! But thankfully, my friend went up early and managed to cut the line behind her and we got in finally! 
 FYI, this is the first showcase/ concert in my life! seriously. Talk about curfews, meh.
Everyone starts crazy even with some MVs on the screen and I didn't made in the front but seriously, I can't really see because I'm too short. FML. I was like I wish I was tall. LOL 
The event started with Jin and a girl host (forgothername) and say a few words and threw some posters around, sadly I didn't got it because too far. LOL
Elecoldxhot was rocking out the stage with awesome moves. I only recognize Dennis Yin. HAHA because watching Jin's videos.
Finally! Pixie Lott came out! She sang a few of her lastest songs. I as I knew was All about tonight, Dancing on my own feat some local artists NOT GD &TOP (sadly), Use somebody, Mama Do and much more.
 She's so young and talented with awesome vocal voice!
After some performances, then they celebrated 3 fans and she left and said this is end of the show?? what? Everyone was like so shocked. It ends at 9.15pm. That was very quick showcase actually. Everyone was screaming, " WE WANT PIXIE!" Some audience went out because the show ended. 
She came out herself and everyone went crazy all over again! And she sang All About Tonight and Elecoldxhot went out dancing as well! Everyone was jumping and singing along and it was a good end of the show.
 Look the guy behind Pixie. XD Actually, I just random shot and got this picture, I was laughing hysterically! HAHAHAAHAHA

It ends around 9.30pm and everyone starting to leave the place. 
The four tickets I gave to this lovely women! including Zarina's bf. 

The night is still young so we went to Pavilion for supper and we ended up at Morganfield's nearby Overtime, fyi.
We ate something like, erm not really HAHAHA very cheesy.
Chili Cheese Nachos.
The sauce was a lil too spicy and it was delicious!
 Chili Cheese Fries. 
This is so good. I ate quite alot of this. Melting cheese dipped with salsa sauce. Very delicious too! 
Hui Sien ordered chocolate brownie with vanila ice-cream on the top and she ate them all hahahaha . I tried the sauce it was so good! 
 She busy taking her brownie pictures! :)

We ate, we talked, we laughed. It was a good night.

Oh right, Zarina gave me this 2 set of 3 in 1 Discoloured Toe Nail Treatment as a appreciation that I gave her the tickets. So thank you so much, Zarina! This I will putting for the giveaway soon! Stay tuned people! 

Finally before I end this post, here's some videos of people took while the showcase. AND leave some comments if you came for the showcase or you're a fan of her! 
Enjoy! :)



  1. Hi Angeline,

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog. ^_^ We do have a BB service in Msia.
    Check this out:

    Btw,Pixie Lott is so pretty~~ you're so lucky to go for the concert.

  2. I know she's so pretty and like her blond her too~ :D

  3. Ooooh you went for the PL showcase! :D I got tickets but gave them to my friend, haha. And those fries look DELISH! *drools*

  4. Seems like you had a great time! And,oh my ... the food looks so delicious!

  5. You're so lucky! I was kinda surprised that the ticket doesn't guarantee entry though!

  6. sounds like lots of fun there! :) next time spare me some tickets too :P

    Latest: Madagascar Circus

  7. evi: yup, the food was good! :D

    Charmaine: I know, i was so shocked but thank god i managed to go in :)

    fish: will do in the future soon! :)hehe



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