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Friday, June 1, 2012

May I be your friend?

Before this I've always wonder, do anyone read my blog? Or is it just myself? 

But thankfully I met some great people few years ago and I stopped blogging around 2 years (if i'm not wrong) or less due to my assignments and exams kept killing me T.T 
Finally, I out of my pre-u and just started my degree in HELP uni! 
So currently, my passion with blogging had finally came back and I've start blogging a month ago. :)

For now, I'm back and my blog is not dead. YAYSSS. I'm currently finding more bloggers/ nuffnangers or more new people no matter what race you are or where are you from; you are always welcome to drop by and say hi to me :) Or perhaps just email me about anything! 

You can follow my Goggle friend connect and networked blogs. If you want me to follow your blog, just drop by the comment and I will follow you and you also have to follow me. :)

I'm super appreciated when anyone commented my blog I will go super super happy and will be very eager to reply your comments! 

If you're reading this, NICE TO MEET YOU PEOPLE! :)


  1. I am email subscriber and follower Sherrygo

    Pls follow me

  2. Its always nice to meet new people :)



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