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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara.

Hello! Obviously, what title said above I'm reviewing about this product that I find it really nice! :) I got free makeup from Lancome makeup artist while I was just walking around the mall as the same day when Uniqlo offically open at Midvalley; you can check out here
And so, she introduced me this new mascara; Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara.
This was my "no makeup" face; clean and clear. Just trying to show you how this mascara change my eyes more brighter! 
Taken random from google.
This was the product! I remember there's this exchange product quite a while ago and I kinda regret about not going. :( But before she put the mascara on my lashes, she gave me  another white mascara coat and I forgot what product is that and you can find out yourself in any Lancome stores. Addition, she said that that mascara can wear when you're going to bed! It's something a conditioner for your lashes! 

After she put mascara on my eyes,
 My lashes turn out to be more longer and blackier! It curl up itself I never been apply any lash curler.
Sorry readers, my eye brows seem to be messy a bit; with some hairs coming out.
 It's 2 times longer than my usual natural lashes! And it never got smudges or anything and it dries up very fast after applying them!
 I feel like Indian now ahahaha. Because indian girls always have beautiful long lashes not like me. :(

Camwhore time! 
 My eyes look more brighter and my lashes are more longer!
 By the way, the makeup artist did put some lipstick on me; Lancome lipstick Rouge In Love that's why my lips look fuller and thick hahahaha 

I'm looking forward to buy this mascara soon! 
That's all people! 


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