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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Harper's Bazaar Malaysia - June 2012 issue

I don't really purchase this magazine every month but I got it because of one reason- freebie. Their content magazine are more into luxury brands and I don't think is suitable for age like me because I'm a student and I'm not rich. LOL But my aunt love this magazine very much. Actually I was stumbled by a pharmacy nearby my uni where I accompanied my friend to buy her medicine and I just randomly saw at the magazine section and I was attracted by their freebie. So I decided to buy the magazine.
 June 2012 freebie : Chloe perfume 1.2ml sample
 The scent was so good and smell like soft scent of flowers.
The price for this magazine was RM7.40, so is still okay for me. Because usual magazines I brought like Cleo and Seventeen was around the price or less. I'm started to love collecting perfume samples for no reason; but a sense of satisfaction only. Yeah, the price for a perfume is not cheap, so yeah. The only perfume I got a gift by my mum was Flora by Gucci.

Any perfume collector like me? Have you purchase the magazine yet? Feel free the comments below. :)


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